WTC Final: Playing vs India is pretty good fun, there is always a cool atmosphere - Kane Williamson

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New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson has said that playing against India is "pretty fun" due to the fact that they bring bully ambiance with them. The WTC last betwixt the 2 teams volition commencement from June 18 successful Southampton.

India are already successful England and gearing up for the WTC last from June 18 (AP Image)


  • Kane Williamson has said that playing against India is ever a bully fun
  • Williamson said that fans volition beryllium precise enthusiastic to get successful the Ageas Bowl to ticker the WTC final
  • India and New Zealand volition clash against each different successful the WTC last from June 18

We are conscionable 11 days distant from the last of inaugural World Test Championship (WTC) and fans can't enactment calm. The instrumentality pursuing of Indian cricket squad is not chartless to anyone. The Asian giants get monolithic enactment successful immoderate portion of the world.

Southampton's Ageas Bowl, is besides expected to witnesser a batch of Indian fans from June 18. Around 4,000 fans are expected to get fortunate and ticker the lucifer from the beauteous stadium, however, Kiwis getting outshone and outnumbered successful the stands is simply a certainty.

New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson is alert of it. He is precise overmuch acquainted with the affirmative ambiance Team India brings with them. The talismanic batsman is besides definite that fans volition beryllium excited to witnesser a high-profile sporting lawsuit aft spending months successful Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions.

"Every state is simply a spot antithetic with their timelines and however they person dealt with antithetic things. In a ample state similar England, you tin spot that the nationalist is capable to spot the airy astatine the extremity of the passageway truthful to talk and I americium definite they volition beryllium precise enthusiastic to get to sporting events. So hopefully it brings a beauteous chill atmosphere. And whenever you play India, determination is simply a bully atmosphere, and it is usually geared towards them, but it is beauteous bully fun," Williamson told ICC.

Facing England earlier WTC last is bully to beryllium honest

Further, Williamson conceded that playing against England successful a 2-Test bid and facing the Dukes shot which volition beryllium utilized during the WTC final, was a bully accidental for his squad to acclimatise successful the English conditions. He added that New Zealand are yet to finalise their eleven for the acme clash.

"I bash not cognize the squad yet, fto america spot what the conditions are. What we person seen truthful acold is beauteous overmuch rain, each day. It is bully to beryllium extracurricular to beryllium honest, conscionable getting immoderate acquisition facing the duke successful antithetic conditions," Williamson said.

The archetypal Test betwixt England and New Zealand ended successful a gully connected Sunday. Day 3 of the Test was washed retired wholly due to the fact that of rain.

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