WTC Final: New Zealand a low-profile team, that's an advantage for them - Dilip Vengsarkar

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Former India skipper Dilip Vengsarkar has said that India are amended squad than New Zealand but the low-profile of Kane Williamson's broadside and their 2 Test matches versus England earlier the World Test Championship (WTC) last mightiness spell against the Asian giants.

New Zealand, the 2nd ranked Test squad successful the world, are facing England successful a 2-Test bid earlier facing India successful the acme clash from June 18 successful Southampton.

The aforesaid volition assistance the Kiwis acclimatise to the English conditions according to Vengsarkar, who feels that India should besides person played a mates of matches earlier locking horns with New Zealand. He further stated that the deficiency of lucifer signifier mightiness wounded adjacent in-form players similar Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

“India is simply a amended squad and successful large form. The vantage with New Zealand, it is simply a low-profile team, the happening is that they are getting to play 2 Test matches earlier the Test lucifer (WTC final). So it is important... it is simply a flimsy vantage to New Zealand... due to the fact that they person already played 2 Test matches earlier they commencement (of the WTC final), they are acclimatised to the conditions.

“What I consciousness is that India should person played games, you cognize matches, astatine slightest two-three games earlier the Test lucifer (WTC), to get acclimatised to the conditions.

“It is advisable to play matches and walk clip successful the middle, some for batsmen arsenic good arsenic for bowlers. Match signifier is ultimate, you whitethorn person nett practice, you cognize a lucifer stimulation, but playing a lucifer successful the mediate and spending clip successful the mediate ever helps, erstwhile you play the large game,” Dilip Vengsarkar told PTI.

“Well, helium (Kohli) has been astir for a agelong time. He (Kohli) is 1 of the champion batsmen successful satellite cricket astatine the moment. Players similar Virat oregon Rohit Sharma, they are world-class players, they instrumentality a batch of pridefulness successful their show and pridefulness successful winning matches for India.

“It is simply a bully happening and some are successful precise bully form. But having said that, I deliberation deficiency of lucifer practise whitethorn wounded them successful the archetypal Test lucifer that is what I feel,” helium added.

Ahead of Team India's departure to England, elder spinner Ravichandran Ashwin had said that India volition accommodate rapidly and repetition their show from the Australia tour.

"We are astatine slightest different week to 10 days distant from adjacent practising for the archetypal time. Most of the players person not played cricket since the IPL was called off. So I deliberation that is 1 of the biggest challenges, but erstwhile we spell determination I deliberation the Indian squad volition accommodate rapidly and execute similar we did successful Australia," Ashwin had said.