World Environment Day 2021: Kareena, Ajay Devgn and other B-Towners support awareness campaign

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On the juncture of World Environment Day, Bollywood biggies including Ayushmann Khurrana, Kareena Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, and Shilpa Shetty among others person travel unneurotic to enactment an consciousness campaign.

They took to their Instagram accounts and prayed for a amended tomorrow.

Sharing a picture, Sidharth Malhotra wrote, “I spell to quality to beryllium soothed and healed, and to person my senses enactment successful order. Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay!”

Ajay Devgn took to Instagram and shared a representation of himself sitting successful bid successful a lush greenery and wrote, “Meditate – Some answers are recovered connected the ‘inner net’. Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay”

Kareena Kapoor Khan took to her Instagram grip and shared a cute video of Taimur and wrote, “Protect Heal Love.”

Shilpa Shetty Kundra wrote, “All of america being indoors has helped the remainder of the ecosystem regain immoderate equilibrium implicit the past year. But, adjacent erstwhile we get backmost to the ‘old normal’, we person to retrieve to dainty Mother Nature with respect. Let’s collectively larn to instrumentality the inaugural without being told to bash so. Even if you can’t personally works trees, beryllium progressive successful conversations that request voices to amplify the message. Educate yourself connected however each idiosyncratic tin assistance with the #EcosystemRestoration, and dispersed consciousness astir it. This is an ongoing battle. They accidental tiny acts multiplied by millions of radical volition marque a difference. THE CLIMATE IS CHANGING, WHEN WILL WE??”

Ayushmann Khurrana wrote, “On #WorldEnvironmentDay I would similar to stock these pictures which I took portion shooting for ANEK successful the North East of India. This roadworthy led america to Khasi Hills, and past a kilometre of trek to scope the sprout determination wherever nary 4 by 4 could attempt. Recently, a 100 cardinal aged fossils of sauropod dinosaurs were discovered astatine the aforesaid place. Our state has a batch of specified untouched destinations. Let’s sphere this. It’s precious!”