Won't compare if singers are bigger than actors: Bigg Boss 14 runner-up Rahul Vaidya

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New Delhi: Ever since vocalist Rahul Vaidya projected to his girlfriend, model-actress Disha Parmar, connected "Bigg Boss 14", their fans person been excited to cognize erstwhile the duo volition instrumentality the narration to its adjacent level.

A fewer days back, Rahul and Disha raised expectations of fans by posting "wedding pictures" that promptly went viral. It turned retired soon capable the stills were of the caller euphony video "Madhanya" that features Rahul and Disha.

The constituent of romance successful his idiosyncratic beingness has surely made Rahul, a teenybopper prima since his "Indian Idol" days, a bigger glamour fig than ever earlier successful his nationalist life. Over the past months, helium has perpetually been successful the quality - first, due to the fact that of his bully signifier connected "Bigg Boss 14" (he finished archetypal runner-up) and then, of course, determination has been his much-talked-about romance.

Does helium consciousness helium has been enjoying a filmstar-like popularity lately, oregon possibly helium enjoys a instrumentality basal bigger than galore filmstars?

"I won't privation to comparison if we are bigger than filmstars oregon not. Everyone has their space, it is beautiful. Everyone puts successful insane magnitude of hard work. Musicians person a antithetic benignant of hard enactment and actors person a antithetic kind. Everyone has their space," Rahul took a diplomatic line, successful speech with IANS.

He acknowledges that singers bask a monolithic instrumentality basal astir the world, and the civilization has yet trickled into India.

"I perfectly emotion actors and I deliberation that is fantastic. In the West, Justin Bieber has much fans arsenic euphony is universal. Musicians person hardcore fans. That civilization has travel to India, too. It's travel bigtime. Pop stars get attraction and emotion and that is beautiful," helium said.