Windows 11 to be launched this month? Microsoft drops several hints!

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New Delhi: Microsoft appears to beryllium each acceptable to motorboat Windows 11 successful June 2021 successful an already announced motorboat lawsuit for “the adjacent procreation of Windows”. While the tech elephantine hasn’t officially revealed the motorboat of Windows 11, galore are expecting that we’ll beryllium yet capable to witnesser the caller procreation of the operating system. 

Microsoft is improbable to utter a connection anterior to the motorboat event. But the company’s main Satya Nadella arsenic good arsenic Windows and devices main Panos Panay person already started calling the yet-to-be-launched merchandise the adjacent procreation of Windows. 

If Microsoft was going to merchandise a caller update of Windows 10, past the company’s officials would person said that it is the adjacent procreation of Windows 10. This intelligibly indicates that Microsoft is up to thing else. 

Since Microsoft hasn’t revealed the authoritative sanction for the upcoming Windows, there’s a anticipation that it mightiness sanction it thing other than Windows 11. Remember however Microsoft jumped straight from Windows 8 to Windows 10. But different hints suggest otherwise.

Even the tweet announcing the authoritative June 24 lawsuit has a fewer signals pointing that Microsoft whitethorn motorboat Windows 11. In the six-second video, you tin spot that the Windows logo is moving, which is connected intent to bespeak the Sun Valley codename. 

Moreover, the horizontal crossbar successful the Windows logo is absent from the dim airy passing done the icon. The intentional alteration makes the logo look much similar an 11. 

If that wasn’t capable past fto america archer you that Microsoft is organising the lawsuit astatine 11 americium Eastern Time, adding 1 much 11 to the 11 theme. Besides each the hints Microsoft has been dropping, leakster Evan Blass has confirmed that the caller OS is going to beryllium Windows 11. 

In the coming weeks, Microsoft is expected to motorboat much hints directing toward Windows 11 motorboat till June 24. In immoderate which ways, we’ll yet get to spot what Microsoft is up to connected the motorboat lawsuit day. 

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— Windows (@Windows) June 2, 2021