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Wife kept in room for 4 years: Husband's handiwork in Mandsaur, dug in room for toilet

Wife kept in room for 4 years: Husband's handiwork in Mandsaur, dug in room for toilet

July 21st 2022, 5:30 pm
Amitesh Kumar
10 by 10 room…. Neither light, no fan in the room. There was a latch on the door. When this latch was opened by Mandsaur women police, it showed a painful scene. A woman was found in it. The husband had imprisoned him for 4 years, calling him mental ill. The smell so that suffocates. The woman sitting in the corner could not even stand up. The husband also used to leave food one day. A pit was dug in the room, in which she used to toilet. The woman came out with the help of police. After two days of counseling, he told this truth. Before reading the news, you can give opinion on this poll ... The case is from Piplia Karadia village of Nahargarh police station area of ​​Mandsaur. The woman studying till 10th used to run a small loan group. Then there was such a crisis in his life that the whole life changed. The in -laws described him in the room, calling him deranged. The information about the hostage somehow reached the deranged shelter home. The woman was free with the help of police. On Tuesday, the woman's father and brother from Kharwa village of Tal area of ​​Ratlam district reached Mandsaur to pick her up. Seeing the father and brother, she started crying bitterly. Anamika Jain, the director of the shelter home, said that the villagers had received a call that a woman had been locked in the room for four years here. The woman told such a thing that was quite scary. The woman's counseling was done by a psychiatrist. A case has been registered against the husband. The father said- when he went to meet, the son of Thmahila, who was running to kill the son-in-law, told that the daughter was married 17 years ago in a village in Tal. He has two children. The daughter's health was somewhat bad four years ago. Get treatment in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. The daughter was with me, then the son -in -law came and took it along with the words of getting treatment. When he went to know the condition of the daughter, the son -in -law ran to kill, saying what is here, who come running. I stopped leaving for fear. I used to keep the daughter very badly, it was told to me by the villagers. The villagers had said- take the daughter. What to do, was forced, left from outside the village once or twice. He used to keep in a closed room. Fearing the son -in -law did not kill me anywhere. I felt like going to the police, but did not go to see the children's mouth. Had there been a police case, the children would have hurt. He kept thinking that sometimes the son-in-law would understand. The brother-in-law said on the phone- she is sleeping, Bhai told that after four years I met the sister. If you call, sometimes he would say, she is sleeping. Sometimes he said, he has taken to the hospital for treatment. Used to threaten something. Once he went to meet, the brother -in -law drove him away. Mother -in -law also used to torture her sister. After getting treatment two or three times, the sister was sent to her in-laws' house. The villagers used to say, the sister is closed. Once he went to pick up the sister with a car, he was banished with mother-in-law. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.