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Why insult Hindu deities in films? Why are they considered easy targets?

Why insult Hindu deities in films? Why are they considered easy targets?

Earlier, Hindu deities have been mocked in many films. Talk about Brahmastra, Tandava, PK or Kali Ki ... Many such movies have insulted the deities ...

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New Delhi: Many times some artists and film makers have been accused of hurting people's sentiments for insulting Hindu Gods and Goddesses. After the poster controversy of the documentary film 'Kali', there has been a ruckus on the poster of another film. Actually, the makers of the film 'Masoom Question' shared some posters, one of which has a photo of Lord Krishna on the sanitary pad in the poster. After this poster surfaced, there is now anger in Hindu society. In such a situation, the director and star cast of the film is being accused of hurting religious sentiments.

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Hindu deities show silence on insults However, this is not the first case when Hindu deities are being humiliated through films. Even before this, controversy has arisen about many films. But imagine how much ruckus created in the country after a statement by Nupur Sharma and this ruckus is not stopping yet. Rather, the people of Muslim society abroad opened a front against it, but there is only silence on the insult of Hindu deities and that is why some artists and film makers do not shy away from creating controversy.

Gods and goddesses become easy targets Let us tell you that in the past, Hindu deities have been mocked in many films. Then you will tell you why Hindus and Goddesses are made easy targets. Surprisingly, this joke of Gods and Goddesses is also seen in the films of big artists.

insult to Goddess Kali Leena Manimekalai recently promoted her documentary film in Canada. In the poster of this film, an actress is seen smoking cigarettes for the form of Goddess Kali. At the same time, the flag of the LGBT community is visible in his other hand. Leena Manimekalai did this to play with the sentiments of Hindus, which also caused a lot of ruckus.

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insulting Lord Shiva In the 2014 Aamir Khan film 'PK', a character was shown as Lord Shiva. He runs away from the alien and runs into the toilet. After watching this scene, the film was severely criticized. Aamir's film was also boycotted by many people.

In addition, there was also a scene in the web series 'Tandava' which reached the feelings of people. In this, actor Zeeshan Ayub became Lord Shiva and he spoke as an obeisance in the form of Lord Shiva.

insulting Hanuman ji In the film Atrangi Re, there were many scenes in Akshay Kumar, Dhanush and Sara Ali Khan's film which were insulting the deities and scriptures of Hinduism. In the film, abuses were spoken about Lord Shiva and Hanuman ji, as well as objectionable interpretation of Ram Charit Manas. There is a scene of the film which is also shown in the trailer, in which Sara Ali Khan says, 'Hanuman ji's offerings are understood, who will spread hands and we will meet?'

insult to temple The trailer of Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer film 'Brahmastra' is also in controversy. In this, Ranbir is seen wearing shoes inside the temple. Wearing shoes are playing the bells of the temple. In such a situation, people are also attacking Karan Johar with Ranbir.

How long will this insult happen Surprisingly, when the favored gods of Hindus are targeted, it is linked to freedom of expression. Now think that if any film raises questions on the favored gods of Sikh, Christian or Muslim community, then there is a earthquake, but the question is how long the Hindu deities will continue to be insulted in films. Along with the censor board, the government should also take it seriously.

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August 4th 2022, 12:23 pm
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Listen to the government! Countless pits are in this way of the capital giving revenue of crores of rupees