Why am I in this world… Innocent video viral: Children who loaded homework weak, girls harm themselves


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At 12:56 AM July 29, 2022

Why I am in this world, I should leave this world… It is a matter of worrying to say this innocent. The viral video on social media shows the annoyance of the child. Innocent of five to six years old is also facing pressure to study. Performing homework on time and also feeling stressed for better performance in extra curriculum activities. This stress takes the form of depression with aging. This is the reason that the trend of suicide in teenagers in India has also increased. According to the depression rate more in the girls, 11,396 children committed suicide in 2020. That is, 31 children gave their lives every day. The number of girls was also more in this. While 5,392 boys committed suicide, 6,004 girls committed suicide. The data of NCRB suggests that children are going through a psychological trauma. Dr. Varun S Mehta, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Pressantl Institute of Psychiatry, says that children consider the school as a second home. So whether class work or homework, they take it very seriously. Parents may get these minor things but children are sensitive about it. The pressure on them to perform well in the school is increasing. The desire of the mother-father- Top everywhere, there is not only pressure to study on the children, but there is a stress to best in extra curricular activities. Although not all parents have so many resources, those who are able to participate and topk them. Parents want the child to be ahead in painting, dancing, sports. Repeatedly, they keep telling the children that look, their child is coming in singing or dancing on this channel. He also brought 95 percent marks etc. In such a situation, pressure comes on the child. Even without saying that, the children come in tension. Varun explains that the new -age parenting has created a strange crisis. When parents want my child to become like this or the best, then the pressure on the child is more. There are some parents who say that no matter what you read, it does not matter. Do not take stress. But such children also revise what parents think about them or parents are under stress about my studies. Children become weak by taking load of Homwork. Children's school work according to a study of the International Journal of Behavioral Development, children's school work They have many side effects. Children who give more time on homework are emotionally weak. They have a kind of anxiety. But parents do not understand this. In the girls, Self Injury's case, Dr. K. Prasad, Assistant Professor of the Department of Psychiatric Social Work of Self -Injury, says that children usually have the latest development. They do not know how to behave. But watching TV, mobile or social media, they have started reacting immediately nowadays. In our society, boys are able to tell or share their point somehow, but girls get isolated. Hide her feelings. Therefore, there are more cases of self -injury in girls. When girls are at the age of 11 to 13, they try to harm themselves even on small matters. Here also the issue of parenting is more visible. If Chintu will bring less marks, the sky will not be exploded, the evaluation of the child on the basis of the card, Udit Narayan PG College of Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh, PG College Padrauna says Assistant Professor of Sociology Department Vishwambhar Nath Prajapati says parenting in his country Has been violent. Physical has more mental violance in parenting. Efforts have not been made to understand the children from the beginning. Whether or not children are being socialized, there is no attention on it. Parent does not apply children to be considered as bigger. In a way, parents are cut off from practical things. Consider getting score more important. Looking at life in a mechanical way. Parents make children realize that good marks will come, medals will come in sports only then they have importance. Parents forget that an examination does not evaluate the child, but rather evaluate the questions asked. School colleges also do not understand this. The evaluation of the child is dangerous based on Marx. Many children do well in the written examination but not in objective. Parents do not want to understand this. Parents feel that if Marx is coming down now, he will not perform well in 10th. If Marx does not get good in 10th, then the result will be bad in 12th. Career will not be made further. They weaken the children by repeatedly expressing this fear. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.

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