White House warns Russia will face consequences if Putin critic Alexei Navalny dies in prison

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Russian absorption activistic Alexei Navalny makes a bosom motion during a proceeding into an exertion by the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service to person his suspended condemnation of 3 and a fractional years successful the Yves Rocher lawsuit into a existent jailhouse term.

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WASHINGTON – White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said Sunday that the Biden medication warned the Russian authorities to not fto jailed Putin professional Alexei Navalny dice successful custody.

"We person communicated to the Russian authorities that what happens to Mr. Navalny successful their custody is their work and they volition beryllium held accountable by the planetary community," Sullivan said connected CNN's "State of the Union" program.

"We person communicated that determination volition beryllium consequences if Mr. Navalny dies," helium added.

Navalny flew to Russia from Berlin earlier this twelvemonth aft spending astir fractional a twelvemonth recovering for a nervus cause poisoning that took spot past August. He was arrested astatine passport power and later sentenced to much than 2 years successful prison.

Last month, the United States sanctioned 7 members of the Russian government for the alleged poisoning and consequent detention of Navalny. The sanctions were the archetypal to people Moscow nether Biden's leadership. The Trump medication did not instrumentality enactment against Russia implicit the Navalny situation.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrote successful a abstracted connection that the sanctions would "send a wide signal" to Russia that the usage of chemic weapons and quality rights abuses transportation hefty consequences.

"Any usage of chemic weapons is unacceptable and contravenes planetary norms," Blinken wrote.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied having a relation successful Navalny's poisoning.

A spokesperson for Navalny said that the Russian absorption leader's wellness has deteriorated since his imprisonment. Navalny began a hunger onslaught successful bid to unit his jailers to supply entree to extracurricular aesculapian attraction for symptom successful his backmost and legs. A lawyer for Navalny said helium is suffering from two spinal hernias, AP reported.

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Russian authorities person antecedently said that they person offered Navalny due aesculapian attraction but that helium continues to garbage it. The situation has declined to let a doc of Navalny's prime from extracurricular of the installation to administer his treatment.

On Saturday, doc Yaroslav Ashikhmin said that trial results helium received from Navalny's household amusement that the jailed professional has elevated levels of potassium, which tin trigger a cardiac arrest. Navalny besides has heightened creatinine levels that bespeak imaginable kidney failure.

"Our diligent could dice astatine immoderate moment," Ashikhmin said successful a Facebook post.

In an interrogation with the BBC connected Sunday, the Russian ambassador to the U.K. accused Navalny of dramatizing his information successful bid to pull attention.

"Of people helium volition not beryllium allowed to dice successful prison, but I tin accidental that Mr. Navalny, helium behaves similar a hooligan, absolutely," Andrei Kelin said. "His intent for each of that is to pull attraction for him, besides by saying that contiguous his near manus is sick and time his limb is sick and each of that worldly truthful the journalists wage attention."

"Navalny has been treated successful the infirmary which lies not truthful acold from the spot wherever helium is serving his condemnation and arsenic I understand, helium does not kick anymore," Kelin added.

Last week, the Biden medication slapped Russia with a slew of U.S. sanctions for quality rights abuses, sweeping cyberattacks and attempts to power U.S. elections.

In an code Thursday, Biden said helium was prepared to instrumentality further actions against Moscow.

"If Russia continues to interfere with our democracy, I'm prepared to instrumentality further actions to respond. It is my work arsenic president of the United States to bash so," Biden said from the White House.

"I was wide with President Putin that we could person gone further, but I chose not to bash so, I chose to beryllium proportionate," Biden said of the measures, adding that helium did not privation to "kick disconnected a rhythm of escalation and struggle with Russia."

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Biden besides said that helium projected successful a telephone telephone with Putin that the 2 conscionable successful idiosyncratic this summertime successful Europe to sermon a scope of pressing issues.

Sullivan told CNN that the Biden-Putin acme was thing that was being discussed but would not supply immoderate further details.

"There isn't presently a acme connected the books, it's thing that we are talking about. That acme would person to instrumentality spot of people successful the close circumstances successful a mode that could really determination the narration forward,' Sullivan said.