White House: No guarantees about Afghanistan's future post-pullout

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No 1 tin connection guarantees astir Afghanistan's aboriginal aft US troops leave, a apical White House authoritative said connected Sunday, adjacent arsenic helium stressed the United States would enactment focused connected violent threats emanating from the country.

President Joe Biden announced connected Wednesday that the United States volition retreat its remaining 2,500 troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, the 20th day of the al-Qaeda attacks that triggered America's longest war.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was asked connected the Fox News Sunday programme astir the hazard of a repetition of what happened successful Iraq, wherever Islamic State militants seized territory aft U.S. troops withdrew successful 2011.

That led then-President Barack Obama to nonstop troops backmost into Iraq.

Sullivan said Biden had nary volition of sending American forces backmost to Afghanistan, but helium added: "I can't marque immoderate guarantees astir what volition hap wrong the country. No 1 can."

"All the United States could bash is supply the Afghan information forces, the Afghan authorities and the Afghan radical resources and capabilities, grooming and equipping their forces, providing assistance to their government. We person done that and present it is clip for American troops to travel location and the Afghan radical to measurement up to support their ain country."

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani rejected what helium said were "false analogies" with the warfare successful Vietnam arsenic good arsenic immoderate proposition his authorities was astatine hazard of folding nether Taliban unit aft U.S. troops leave. Afghan information forces were susceptible of defending the country, helium said.

"The Afghan defence and information forces person been carrying implicit 90% of the operations successful the past 2 years," Ghani said successful an interrogation with CNN.

Former President Donald Trump said successful a connection that leaving Afghanistan was "a fantastic and affirmative happening to do," but called for a much accelerated departure. Trump had acceptable a May 1 deadline to withdraw.

CIA Director William Burns told the Senate Intelligence Committee connected Wednesday that America's quality to cod quality and enactment against extremist threats successful Afghanistan volition diminish aft the departure of U.S. troops.

A United Nations study successful January said determination were arsenic galore arsenic 500 al Qaeda fighters successful Afghanistan and that the Taliban maintained a adjacent narration with the Islamist extremist group. The Taliban denies al Qaeda has a beingness successful Afghanistan.

Announcing his determination to retreat troops, Biden said the United States would show the threat, reorganize counterterrorism capabilities and support important assets successful the portion to respond to threats to the United States emerging from Afghanistan.

"He has nary volition of taking our oculus disconnected the ball," Sullivan said of the president.

"We person the capacity, from repositioning our capabilities implicit the horizon, to proceed to suppress the violent menace successful Afghanistan."

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