Where it is difficult to stay for 5 minutes ... There was a 4-year-old woman imprisoned: The villagers of Mandsaur said-know like Kalapani; Know the terrible truth of that dark room


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Where it is difficult to stay for 5 minutes ... There was a 4-year-old woman imprisoned: The villagers of Mandsaur said-know like Kalapani; Know the terrible truth of that dark room
7:51 AM July 23, 2022

In Mandsaur, the Nahargarh police have registered a case against the husband who kept his wife imprisoned for four years in the room for four years. The husband used to keep him in the room of 10 by 10, there was neither light nor fan. He also dug a pit in the room for the toilet. When Dainik Bhaskar's team reached the village, it was found that the accused husband is absconding and found the lock hanging in that room. The villagers told the team the story of the crime with the woman and said- he pays the punishment like Kalapani. Bhaskar's team knocked on the door of the woman's in-laws' house. As soon as he came to know about our identity, he closed the door. After this, the team moved forward and reached the room where the woman remained imprisoned for four years. A small room was seen in the street near the village temple, in which the lock was hung. There was definitely an electric wire going inside the room. There was only one bulb in the body, which was never known when it was not burnt, sometimes a bulb was definitely planted in the room, although it was not seen burning. Due to the roof tin, the small cracks between the wall and the tin were the only means of lighting and wind. The room had a bed with a wall, in which some dirty clothes were lying. The right plastic cans were kept, which was filled with water. Apart from this, a steel box was also kept. There was a human stool here and there. Police also said that when the woman was taken out after the arrival of the police, the situation there was such that no one minute could stay inside. was. Had he stopped, he would suffocate with smell. When the police came to rescue, she too could not go inside the room due to the smell. They left with some photos from outside, etc. He has two children, one is 15 years old and the other is 12 years old. The woman's children, husband and mother -in -law used to live in the house in front of the place where the woman was imprisoned. Her mental condition has been a little weak due to being locked in the same room for four years and leaving food one day. On the complaint, the husband threatened to break the legs and said that we tried to complain to the police several times. Explained to the woman's father, but her husband was not ready to take her out. The financial condition of the woman's father is weak, so he could not take the daughter out even if he wanted. When we complained, he threatened to break our legs. We were unable to complain for fear of mutual enmity in a small village. By the time we gathered courage, four years had passed. Although we decided to get him out of a hell filled life, and resorted to NGO. The room for 4 years belongs to a village in Nahargarh police station area of ​​Kimamala Mandsaur. The woman studying till 10th used to run a small loan group. Then there was such a crisis in his life that the whole life changed. The in -laws described him in the room, calling him deranged. The information about the hostage somehow reached the deranged shelter home. The woman was free with the help of police. On Tuesday, the woman's father and brother from Kharwa village of Tal area of ​​Ratlam district reached Mandsaur to pick her up. Anamika Jain, director of the shelter home, said that the villagers had received a call that a woman was kept in the room for four years here. Is. The woman told such a thing that was quite scary. The woman's counseling was done by a psychiatrist. A case has been registered against the husband. The father said- when he goes to meet, the son of the son-in-law, the father of the Racetamahila told that the daughter was married 17 years ago in a village in Taal. He has two children. Four years ago, the daughter's health was somewhat bad. Get treatment in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. The daughter was with me, then the son -in -law came and took it along with the words of getting treatment. When he went to know the condition of the daughter, the son -in -law ran to kill, saying what is here, who come running. I stopped leaving for fear. I used to keep the daughter very badly, it was told to me by the villagers. The villagers had said- take the daughter. What to do, was forced, left from outside the village once or twice. He used to keep in a closed room. Fearing the son -in -law did not kill me anywhere. I felt like going to the police, but did not go to see the children's mouth. Had there been a police case, the children would have hurt. He kept thinking that the son-in-law would sometimes understand. The brother-in-law said on the phone- he said that the brother of the victim, he told that I have met the sister after four years. If you call, sometimes she would say- she is sleeping, sometimes he has taken him to the hospital for treatment. Used to threaten something. Once he went to meet, the brother -in -law drove him away. Mother -in -law also used to torture her sister. After getting treatment two or three times, the sister was sent to her in-laws' house. The villagers used to say, the sister is kept in the room. Once he went to pick up the sister with a car, he was driven away with mother-in-law. Rights reservedthis website follows the dnpa code of ethics.

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