When singer Sajid's wife donated kidney to Wajid Khan

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New Delhi: Singer-composer Sajid Khan's woman Lubna had donated a kidney to his precocious member Wajid Khan.

The household shared the incidental connected the euphony world amusement "Indian Pro Music League", during a peculiar occurrence dedicated to Wajid, who passed distant past year.

In the episode, it was Sajid-Wajid's parent Razine who revealed however her daughter-in-law donated her kidney to Wajid without letting anyone cognize astir it.

In a peculiar video tribute connected the show, Razina said: "We had asked each our relatives. However, nary 1 came forward. During that time, Lubna secretly got each her tests done and gave him her kidney. In today's time, adjacent parents don't springiness kidneys to their kids, but she gave it without reasoning twice."

Said Lubna: "When I heard that idiosyncratic other tin besides donate him a kidney, I didn't inquire anyone. I conscionable got each the tests done. Before the past test, I told Wajid everything and told him that if we're a match, we'll spell for a transplant. He was precise upset, but I told him, 'you're precise important to me', and that near him speechless. The idiosyncratic who has ever stood by everyone, if his household doesn't basal by him successful his clip of need, past it is precise shameful. Thankfully, we were a match. Sajid, my mother, and my children were precise supportive,"

Sajid, who captains Delhi Jammers squad connected the show, said: "Wajid was unwell for 2 years and my ma took attraction of him connected a regular basis. We requested her to spell location and rest, but she ne'er near the country wherever Wajid was living. There was a clip erstwhile my woman went to the hospital, got each the paperwork done, and was acceptable to springiness Wajid her Kidney. I was scared, adjacent my kids were worried, but I americium truly arrogant of what she did."

He continued: "At that time, nary of our household members tried to assistance us. We had money, name, fame, and we went to the champion doctors, but we couldn't get the close lucifer of kidney. People took wealth from maine saying I volition donate my kidney and past they disappeared. I utilized to hold astatine the airdrome for hours for radical to come, but they'd ne'er crook up."

"I had ne'er felt truthful helpless successful my life. That is erstwhile Lubna came to maine and said I privation to donate my kidney to Wajid. All I americium trying to accidental done this is that we each are blessed to person a household that loves us, and we don't request thing much than that successful life. We should walk clip with them, emotion them and beryllium determination for them always," added Sajid connected the Zee TV show, successful the occurrence slated to aerial connected Saturday.