Virat Kohli releived to finally win a toss against Eoin Morgan: 7-0 before this, 7-1 now

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Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli connected Sunday couldn't judge his luck erstwhile helium won the flip against Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Eoin Morgan aft 7 unsuccessful attempts.

Kohli had mislaid the flip against Morgan 7 retired of 8 times connected England's caller circuit of India. Kohli yet won the flip for the 2nd clip successful the past 9 attempts against Morgan and elected to bat archetypal successful Match 10 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 successful Chennai.

"I've won the flip against Eoin Morgan. It's unbelievable, it's 7-1 against him present for me," Kohli said.

RCB vs KKR, IPL 2021 Match 10: Live Updates

Kohli besides confirmed the 3 squad changes successful the RCB playing XI for this game.

"We volition bat first, the transportation volition go slower and slower arsenic the crippled goes on, but this aboveground looks better, privation to enactment up a decent full connected the board.

"We're playing 3 overseas players - Dan Christian misses out, Rajat Patidar is in. We conscionable privation to bash a nonrecreational job, bash the process right, instrumentality 1 crippled astatine a clip and bask - support calm nether pressure," Kohli said.

KKR skipper Morgan had a wry grin connected his look erstwhile helium was asked astir him losing the flip against Kohli.

"It was astir apt owed to beryllium honest," Morgan said.

KKR are going successful with the aforesaid squad against RCB. The two-time champions clasp the wood implicit Kohli's squad with 14 wins retired of 26 games.

"We were looking to bat archetypal arsenic well, we've played bully cricket contempt the past game. No changes for us, aforesaid team. We person done beauteous good successful the archetypal 2 games, and privation to decorativeness things successful Chennai connected a high.

"When I was the vice-captain, my relation was to enactment DK, present arsenic a captain, it's conscionable astir letting the squad travel and marque the close decisions connected the field," Morgan said.

KKR triumph their archetypal crippled but mislaid the 2nd and are presently successful sixth spot connected the points table. RCB won some their opening matches and occupied the apical spot earlier being dethroned by Mumbai Indians connected Saturday.