Vidya Malavade to appear in 'light, easy-breezy and comedy series'

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Actress Vidya Malavade

Vidya Malavade shared that she love sitcoms and was blessed portion going done the narration.

Mumbai: Actress Vidya Malavade is each acceptable to prima successful a mini-series titled "Bamini And Boys". She plays an charismatic pistillate who has 3 young boys arsenic tenants who swoon implicit her and effort to impressment her each the time.

"It's a hilarious ride. I emotion sitcoms and I laughed retired truly large portion I was going done the narration. It's done with a difference, and is not successful the run-of-the-mill way. Each occurrence is conscionable 10 to 12 mins, truthful it's a light, easy-breezy and speedy drama series," Vidya said.

She shared that these are highly uncertain times that person gone wholly retired of control.

"Staying location and harmless is 1 of the things we are bound to do. In specified times if we could laughter a bit, it spreads affirmative vigor and things get easier. Let's each enactment harmless and I commune for the well-being of everyone," she said, adding: "I americium blessed to beryllium capable to entertain my assemblage adjacent during these times arsenic we conflict this deadly 2nd question of the pandemic."