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Video of mob lynching in MP: In Seoni-Malwa, the crowd kept beating three people with sticks; One died in hospital

Video of mob lynching in MP: In Seoni-Malwa, the crowd kept beating three people with sticks; One died in hospital

August 4th 2022, 7:41 am
Amitesh Kumar

A video of mob lynching in Seoni-Malwa in Narmadapuram district of Madhya Pradesh has surfaced. The crowd kept beating three youths with sticks. Did not stop until it was bled. A young man died due to beating. After the video surfaced, the police have started a crackdown of the accused. So far four accused have been arrested. Those who were produced in court on Thursday. The incident took place around 12.30 pm on Tuesday night. Three people were taking the cow dynasty in the truck. Two cows died of this. Seeing this, the crowd collectively beat the three. All three seriously injured were rushed to the hospital, where Nazir Ahmed died. Truck driver Sheikh Lala and his partner Mustaq Ahmed are injured.

SP Gurkaran Singh said that 30 cows were being illegally taken to the truck. He was being taken from Nandarwada village of Seoni-Malwa to A Maravati in Maharashtra. The vehicle consisted of people from Amravati in Maharashtra, with 10 to 12 people assaulted. A case of murder has been registered, as well as a case of illegal smuggling of cow dynasty has also been registered. Police is looking for a new character. The man named Sethi called three people who were victims of the crowd, Nandarwada village (Seoni Malwa, Narmadapuram) to fill the cattle. Truck driver Sheikh Lala, who is taking the cows to Amravati (Maharashtra), has told the police that Sethi had called him on 2 August. TI Jitendra Singh said that the driver and the call details of that number are taking out the call details to gather information about Sethi. According to the driver Lala ...

I am on 2 August To Nandarwara from Amravati with his truck (MH40CD8751). Together Nazir Ahmed (Nazir died in the attack) and Mustaq Ahmed. Arrived at Nandarwara at around 6 pm. Sethi parked the truck along the canal and filled the cattle. We left for Amravati at 11.45 pm. 10km ahead in Barakhar village, people stopped us. Barricades were installed on the road. As soon as he proceeded, in an attempt to escape, the car got down and entered a field down. People started beating us without asking anything.

Police arrested 4 accused. Police arrested 4 accused in the case. A case of murder and Balwa has been registered against them. The accused include Gaurav father Basant Yadav (21) Akash Sarathe father Santosh Sarathe (30) Rahi Chowk Seoni Malwa, Raju alias Rajendra father Radheshyam Kaushal (35) Lodhi Mohalla Seoni Malwa, Akash alias Pintuji father Omprakash Batham (28) Kolipura Seoni Malwa. . Other people are being identified. Here, in the case of animal trafficking, the police have registered a crime of animal cruelty and smuggling against the deceased Nazir Ahmed, Sheikh Lala, Mustaq Ahmed Amravati.

cows were taking cows from Nanderwara to Amravati: The injured Sheikh Lala

Sheikh Lala, who was injured in the mob attack, told Dainik Bhaskar that we had filled cattle from Nanderwara village (Seoni-Malwa, Narmadapuram). Were taking Amravati. 10km must have gone ahead with the car, 50 to 60 people were standing in front. Removed the car. People did not ask us anything and started beating. After some time the police arrived. We were three people, Nazir Ahmed, Sheikh Lal and Mustaq. The three were taken to the police hospital, here one of my companions Nazir died.

Mob lynching in MP, one killed: Attack on youths carrying cows in Seoni-Malwa; The injured said- nothing asked, started beating