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Vedio of snatching among the BJP for lunch packets

Vedio of snatching among the BJP for lunch packets

July 22nd 2022, 3:33 pm
Amitesh Kumar
BJP state president and water power minister Swatantra Dev Singh was present in the auditorium of the district panchayat. He came here to attend the [email protected] seminar as the chief guest. As soon as the state president's address was over, when he got down from the stage, the BJP reached the stage for lunch packet. The snatching started. The workers who distributed lunch packets climbed on the stage with lunch packet, yet the BJP did not agree and started making a ruckus. The operator keeps announcing from the platform, please remain calm, everyone will get lunch packet but where the BJP will listen. The matter was quiet about a lot of struggle. Is. The tenure of service from the Chief Minister of Gujarat to the Prime Minister of the country has become a great history. He said that the power has been for the Congress to stay in the chair and fill its house, but for Modi ji, power has been for the service of nation and society and poor welfare. It is said that Modi ji's 20 -year political life has been transparent and honestly and the welfare of the poor has been his goal. Rahukaal for India is Rahul Gandhi: Laxman Acharyavid guest guest BJP state vice president and Legislative Council Member Laxman Acharya and Chief Proctor Rajju Bhaiya University Professor Avinash Chandra Srivastava and former Vice Chancellor Jayaprakash University Chhapra Professor Harikesh said that Modi ji's leadership is proving above the party to rise above the party and the politics of cleanliness and development and social justice is visible inside the country. He said that in the Dwapar era, at one time Draupadi was insulted and insulted to the entire women's society. He said that Rahul Gandhi is Rahukaal for India, so we have to protect India from this Rahukaal. Harshvardhan Bajpai, Vachaspati, Guruprasad Maurya, Legislative Council member KP Srivastava, District Panchayat President VK Singh, Regional Vice President Awadhesh Chandra Gupta, BJP Mahila Morcha State General Secretary Dr. Kirtika Aggarwal, Councilor Ashish Gupta, Councilor Kiran Jaiswal, Kunj Bihari Mishra, Devesh Singh, Varun Kesarwani and others were there. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.