US Congressman introduces resolution to recognise significance of Baisakhi

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A US Congressman has introduced a solution successful the House of Representatives to recognise the value of Baisakhi and those who observe it.

"This solution recognises the historic, cultural, and spiritual value of the festival of Baisakhi," Congressman John Garamendi said connected the House level arsenic helium re-introduced the resolution.

Also known arsenic 'Vaisakhi', Baisakhi is simply a outpouring play harvest festival for Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists.

It besides marks the Sikh caller twelvemonth and commemorates the enactment of 'khalsa panth' (saint-warriors) nether Guru Gobind Singh successful 1699, John Garamendi said.

The Congressman from California is co-chair of the Sikh Caucus successful the House.

“Madam Speaker, I promote each Members of the House to articulation maine successful recognising the value of Baisakhi and those who observe it,” John Garamendi said.

In the United States, Baisakhi is celebrated with ample processions, celebrations, and assemblage service. Baisakhi celebrates community, prosperity, and continued advancement successful the twelvemonth ahead, helium said.

“As our state emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is captious that we observe the spot of our communities and the sacrifice it volition instrumentality to decision the coronavirus and look towards the future,” the lawmaker said.

April 13, helium said, marks the commencement of the opening of the Sikh religion and the commencement of the Punjabi New Year.

"Late 2020 and aboriginal 2021 has tested the Indian Sikh community, and I anticipation the coming months volition beryllium marked by peace, prosperity, and respect for each religion communities,” John Garamendi said.

The resolution, co-sponsored by much than a twelve different lawmakers including Dr Ami Bera and Frank Pallone, recognises the historic, cultural, and spiritual value of the festival of Baisakhi.

Recognising the value of Baisakhi to Sikh communities successful the United States and astir the world, the solution expresses its respect for each communities that observe the festival.

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