Unique rakhi made of clay, cow dung and seed is made of tiranga


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Unique rakhi made of clay, cow dung and seed is made of tiranga
1:57 PM August 9, 2022

Gobar Rakhi in Rakshabandhan: The women of Chhattisgarh have made a unique rakhi from cow dung and fruit seeds in which the spirit of nation is also awakening. This rakhi is coming to light of the soldiers on the border.

Jitendra Kanwar/Janjgir Champa: A woman in Chhattisgarh gave such a dedication to nature in a woman in Chhattisgarh. Have made the door from With the spirit of patriotism with nature, this woman included those poor young children who give free tuition in this mission. It is not made for selling rakhi but for the soldiers and police personnel who protect the border of the country. Preparations are being made to send this rakhi to the soldiers posted in the police stations along with the border.

Rakhi made of cow dung In Janjgir Champa district, there has been a new experiment from Rakshabandhan and 75th anniversary of independence. Traditionally, the markets of rakhis made of silk and cotton threads have been decorated, but now Rakshasutra is also being made by mixing seeds of cow dung, soil and various fruit and flowers. After the festival, after placing this rakhi after the festival, the affection of the brother and sister becomes even stronger by becoming a plant.

The plant is made instead of throwing ashes Champa's Neha Avinash Aggarwal, Madhu Aggarwal and his young friends Neha Srivas, Aarti Srivas and Sonal Kumari have taken a unique initiative to make eco -friendly ashes. They have prepared a rakshasutra by mixing marigold flower seeds with lemon, ashwagandha, kalmegh in cow dung and soil and are ready to send it to the wrist of police personnel along with military brothers. The message is clear that instead of keeping the rakhis under the trees or throwing it around, the plant should be made. He told that the plant can be sprouted by putting the rakhis in the pot. Neha's in -laws also fully support this work and praise her innovation.

female keeps the female in a box instead of throwing the seed Neha Avinash Aggarwal said that if any seed fruit flowers and vegetables come in his house, then instead of throwing that seed, keep it in a compartment and those seeds are made with cow dung, soil and flower. These rakhis are prepared by drying 24 hours. He told that due to less space in the house, rakhi was constructed in the roof and sometimes there is a strong sunlight and sometimes it has to face rain. Rakhi will not get soaked in the rain, for this she also dries in the bedroom.

The tricolor also appears in Rakhi

Neha Avinash Aggarwal and this Rakhi made by young children where there is an attempt to protect the environment. At the same time, while showing the spirit of patriotism, Rakhi has been handed over separately, in which the goal and the goods of India map are molded in three colors. 'Mere Bhaiya' is written using the tricolor strip as a rope. Natural colors have been used in making this rakhi and decorated by children. Only dung, soil and dry flowers and fruit seeds have been used to make it. After wearing the rakhi, the brother puts it in the pot, then some flower, fruit plant will definitely come out which will be useful to decorate fruits, flowers and nature.

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