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Udaipur: Gandhian thinker in Lakesity said, Gandhi's darshan should be awakened among people

Udaipur: Gandhian thinker in Lakesity said, Gandhi's darshan should be awakened among people

August 4th 2022, 9:11 am
Amitesh Kumar

Senior Gandhian thinker Kumar Prashant addressed the ceremony said that the book is published from Wardha to Gandhi Marg and this book reaches every person, so that Gandhi's ideas are promoted.

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Udaipur: The three -day Gandhi Darshan residential training camp being organized by the Directorate of Peace and Non -Violence in Udaipur, Rajasthan concluded on Wednesday. Maharana Pratap of Udaipur was held at the University of Agriculture and Technology Auditorium. At the closing ceremony, the speakers should express their views on the life values ​​of Mahatma Gandhi and said to awaken Gandhi philosophy in the people.

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Organize prayer meetings regularly Senior Gandhian thinker Kumar Prashant addressed to the function said that the book of Gandhi Marg from Wardha is published. This book reached every person, so that Gandhi's ideas are propagated. He inspired everyone to adopt Gandhi philosophy and ideas. Prashant said that during the conversation, always listen to the front person well and then speak. He said that every week met at least ten people and organize regular prayer meetings and promote Gandhi's ideas.

Directorate will also work in the direction of women empowerment Manish Sharma, director of the Director of Peace and Non -Violence, conducted the closing ceremony and highlighted the objectives of Gandhi Darshan Training Camp. He informed that in the coming time, the department will also work on women empowerment. Anuja Corporation Commission Chairman and Minister of State Dr. Shankar Yadav highlighted the need in the current context of Gandhi philosophy and called upon the younger generation to assimilate it. Former RPSC President Prof. In his statement, BM Sharma asked everyone to adopt Gandhi's thoughts in life. Sharma said that it is our duty to promote the values ​​of democracy while living with harmony and love.

All persons in the country have the right to equal freedom-Satish Roy Prof. Satish Roy said that in the provisions of the Indian Constitution, there is talk of communal harmony and every person has religious freedom. He mentioned the rights of freedom, explaining about various articles and said that all religions in our country have equal rights. Pankaj Sharma thanked the Chief Minister for the event. Gandhi thinker and instructor Manoj Thackeray, who came from Wardha, told the ideas of the Father of the Nation through songs and tied Sama.

distributed certificates to divisions Divisional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt and the divisional commissioner of Gandhi Darshan Camp distributed the certificate of signature of the Director of Peace and Non -Violence, besides a photo session was organized on the stage before the conclusion, in which the divisions took photographs with the guests. During the program, the convenors of all the districts were presented by the Memorial Criminal Guests. On this occasion, Collector Tarachand Meena, Rajesh Pandia, Pankaj Sharma, Dilip Nebhanani etc. also expressed their views.

Various events held on the last day On Wednesday, the last day of Gandhi Darshan Training Camp, prayer, yoga, exercise, non -violence march from Gandhi Ground to Municipal Corporation, closing ceremony etc. were organized. The closing ceremony was held in three Kalansh, in which ideas were presented on Gandhi Darshan by the trainers. District Collector Tarachand Meena thanked everyone for the arrival of Udaipur from the stage during the closing ceremony on the last day. The Collector appealed to everyone and said that the Chief Minister is a supporter of Gandhian ideas and is running many schemes to realize Gandhi's dreams. He said that to make the schemes successful, it is the duty of all of us to do wide publicity.

Reporter: Avinash Jagnawat

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