Twitter seeks more time from government to comply with new IT rules

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Social media level Twitter is learnt to person approached the authorities seeking much clip to comply with the caller IT rules.

According to sources, the micro-blogging tract has said that it intends to comply with the rules but needs much clip owed to the pandemic concern successful India.

"Twitter has written to Meity seeking much clip to comply with the IT rules. It has expressed its intent to comply with the rules but has been incapable to bash truthful due to the fact that of the pandemic," a root told PTI.

The effect from Twitter comes aft the government, past week, issued a strongly-worded last announcement to the institution regarding its non-compliance with the caller rules.

When contacted, a Twitter spokesperson said Twitter has been and remains profoundly committed to India, and serving the captious nationalist speech taking spot connected the service.

"We person assured the Government of India that Twitter is making each effort to comply with the caller guidelines, and an overview connected our advancement has been duly shared. We volition proceed our constructive dialog with the Indian Government," the spokesperson said.

In its notice, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) had said that Twitter's refusal to comply with the rules demonstrated the micro-blogging site's "lack of committedness and efforts towards providing a harmless acquisition for the radical of India connected its platform".

"Despite being operational successful India for much than a decade, it is beyond content that Twitter Inc has doggedly refused to make mechanics that volition alteration the radical of India to resoluteness their issues connected the level successful a timely and transparent mode and done just processes, by India based, intelligibly identified resources," the ministry had said.

The caller IT rules for societal media companies that came into effect past period mandate ample platforms similar Facebook and Twitter to undertake greater owed diligence and marque these integer platforms much accountable and liable for the contented hosted by them.

The rules besides necessitate important societal media intermediaries -- providing services chiefly successful the quality of messaging -- to alteration recognition of the "first originator" of the accusation that undermines the sovereignty of India, the information of the state, oregon nationalist order.

Under the rules, important societal media intermediaries -- those with implicit 50 lakh users -- are required to name a grievance officer, a nodal serviceman and a main compliance officer. These unit person to beryllium residents successful India.

Further, societal media companies volition person to instrumentality down flagged contented wrong 36 hours, and region wrong 24 hours contented that is flagged for issues specified arsenic nudity and pornography.

As per the ministry's notice, though with effect from May 26, 2021, "consequences follow" fixed Twitter's non-compliance with rules, "as a motion of goodwill, Twitter Inc is hereby fixed 1 past announcement to instantly comply with the rules, failing which the exemption from liability available? shall basal withdrawn and Twitter shall beryllium liable for consequences arsenic per the IT Act and different penal laws of India".

However, the announcement did not notation astir a circumstantial day for the micro-blogging tract to comply with the rules.

Non-compliance with the rules would effect successful these platforms losing the intermediary presumption that provides them immunity from liabilities implicit immoderate third-party information hosted by them. In different words, they could beryllium liable for transgression enactment successful lawsuit of complaints.

According to the cardinal government, the caller rules are designed to forestall maltreatment and misuse of platforms and connection users a robust forum for grievance redressal.

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