Twitter redesigns its mobile app to add dedicated 'Spaces' tab

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It has precocious travel to airy that micro-blogging tract Twitter is reportedly rolling retired a dedicated tab for iSpaces diagnostic connected its mobile app for prime users.

According to TechCrunch, the Twitter Spaces tab volition inhabit the mediate spot successful the main navigation barroom betwixt the `Search` and `Notifications` icons.

This means that the navigation barroom volition present big 5 alternatively of 4 tabs. Currently, this update for Twitter Spaces is being rolled retired lone for iOS users. 

Also, lone 500 radical from the Spaces beta trial volition beryllium capable to archetypal spot the caller dedicated tab for Spaces. For the uninformed, Twitter Spaces is simply a caller mode for users to person unrecorded audio conversations connected Twitter. 

Spaces are public, truthful anyone tin articulation arsenic a Listener, adjacent radical who bash not travel each other. Listeners tin beryllium invited into Space by DMing them a link, tweeting out, oregon sharing a link. 

About 11 people, including the Host, tin talk successful a Space astatine immoderate fixed time. The caller dedicated tab volition marque it easier for users to research spaces and support way of unrecorded events. 

Users volition find progressive spaces wrong the tab on with different details specified arsenic Space names, hosts, and radical they cognize that are participating. 

The tab volition besides assistance users negociate reminders for scheduled spaces. In different Twitter-related news, the societal media level has besides started rolling retired its premium subscription service, Twitter Blue, successful Australia and Canada.

Twitter Blue is simply a caller monthly subscription work that volition connection radical exclusive entree to premium features and app customisations for a tiny fee.

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