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TV9 EXCLUSIVE: It is necessary for security to identify them by distinguishing between Jabbarash-Japatmar

TV9 EXCLUSIVE: It is necessary for security to identify them by distinguishing between Jabbarash-Japatmar

Sanjeev Chauhan | Edited by: Shweta Gupta

Aug 04, 2022 | 8:01 pm

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'For your own safety, it is very important to understand the difference between Pick Pocket and Snatcher. If you understand how to make this difference, then by recognizing both these types of criminals in time, we can easily secure yourself. Actually, whether it is a snack or the jetarash, they are not much intelligent or educated than us. Nevertheless, our negligence has proved these criminals heavy on us. ”How can we avoid the shadow of the snacks? In search of this question, when TV 9 Bharatvarsha searched some infamous snatch, many amazing information came out. The work of these two is more or less similar. The common man cannot even make a difference between them. Whereas when TV 9 Bharatvarsha took the fathom of some dangerous jewels and took them into confidence. So all those revelations went on, which are enough to protect any common man with them. According to the name of Sumanna (the name would have been confirmed by the TV 9 India) living in Khichdipur-Kalyanpuri area of ​​Delhi, according to the name of the name, "We have not come out of the sky." Just like you are all we are all. Artistry is its own. We have skills in our hands (meaning the art of shocking). Which is not near you (the decent people who become victims). ”

In response to a question, this further said,“ If someone likes someone (potential hunting), then if we have any palm Take. And if we see him doing this, then we leave from there. Because the man who has already become alert on seeing us, how will he let us cut pockets easily. And how will anyone let his purse-butua-chain take away? We are also afraid that if you get caught, then you will be killed. Police and lawyers in court courts will collect money in the police station. We hold our hands on the same (make the same victim) that is lost in our world or in the crowd. On the road, the more careless in the crowd. We (Jhapamar) our work (shift) becomes as easy.

We do not go to any person who becomes a threat to us. And not knowing the time when bad time comes. Then I get trapped well. " Meaning you want to say that if you take a palm by staying alert in any time, then you will not make him a victim of shrimp? On asking, Sumanna said, "Yes, of course. Whenever we do our work, we do not shake eyes with the front. So because if we get an eye from the front, we can also be weak to do our work. Think, whose purse or gold snatches and silver, he must have felt bad. So just as we see that someone on the road is in the deserted area. Or there is a slightly isolated from the crowd.

or due to too much crowd, someone is hitting the market like a disgrace. Who does not improve even his clothes. Just try to work on that. As long as he is able to think something about our work (snatch). In this way, we have known how far we have gone. We have disappeared from the spot till the sound of someone's screaming and screaming. " How can anyone save themselves from snatch? On being asked, in the Jafarabad area of ​​Delhi, sometimes the person who carried out the crime of snatching, said, "Only once we get a look from us, which we are not able to put hands on it again.

there is fear that we are afraid that The person in front has not recognized us. Secondly, we remove the same belongings (shock) who is coming somewhere in our fun with carelessness on the road. Or our work becomes easy in places like Chandni Chowk, Red Fort, Sadar Bazar, Sarojini Nagar Market, Daryaganj, Fish Bazar, Jama Masjid around the crowded areas, Eastern North Eastern in places like Shahdara Floor Bazaar. Due to the huge crowd here, we do not need to do our work (snatch). Because whose goods we take (by snatching) does not even think in the crowd that his work has deteriorated.

We just stay away from vigilant people. Because they can make us trap by making noise before starting our work. " In this Silsile, TV 9 Bharatvarsha spoke to Ravi Shankar Kaushik, who worked as DCP for many years in the Delhi Police Crime Branch. He said that every point of information obtained from the swinge with us was 100 percent correct. Also said, "Any shock attacks only when he himself is safe." But his victim (suffering of snatch) person should be careless. Usually, all the incidents of snatching occur, they feel like such people who, how can any incident happen with them?


August 4th 2022, 2:33 pm
Amitesh Kumar
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