Trump in 2024? He says only ‘a Republican’ will win

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Former President Donald Trump plans to affirm his committedness to the Republican Party — and rise the anticipation that idiosyncratic other volition beryllium the GOP’s adjacent statesmanlike nominee — successful a closed-door code to donors Saturday night.

Trump’s message, outlined successful prepared remarks obtained by The Associated Press, comes arsenic GOP officials question to downplay an intraparty feud implicit Trump’s continued enactment successful Republican politics, his committedness to enactment fundraising and his plans for 2024. While Trump’s advisers study helium volition stress enactment unity, helium is famously known to spell off-script.

“We are gathered contiguous to speech astir the aboriginal of the Republican Party — and what we indispensable bash to acceptable our candidates connected a people to victory,” Trump says successful prepared remarks. “I basal earlier you this evening filled with assurance that successful 2022, we are going to instrumentality backmost the House and we are going to reclaim the Senate — and past successful 2024, a Republican campaigner is going to triumph the White House.”

The erstwhile president volition present his remarks down closed doors astatine his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, successful the last code of the Republican National Committee’s play donor acme successful Palm Beach. Most of the RNC’s invitation-only play gathering was acceptable astatine a luxury edifice 4 miles away, but attendees were bused to Trump’s nine for his remarks.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to code donors Saturday nighttime arsenic well. Earlier successful the weekend, a slew of candidates already positioning themselves for a 2024 statesmanlike tally made appearances. Besides DeSantis, the imaginable White House contenders included South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio of Florida and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina besides spoke.

In his remarks Friday night, Cotton leaned into the GOP’s civilization wars, attacking the Democrats’ positions connected transgender youth, elector ID laws and Major League Baseball’s determination to determination its All-Star Game to protestation Republican voting laws — conscionable arsenic Trump does successful his prepared remarks.

While a important faction of the Republican Party hopes to determination past Trump’s divisive leadership, the determination of the play gathering suggests that the GOP, astatine slightest for now, is not acceptable to regenerate Trump arsenic its undisputed person and main fundraiser.

Trump’s squad reports that his remarks are intended to reenforce his continued enactment relation successful Republican affairs, a crisp interruption from past presidents.

“Saturday’s code volition beryllium welcomed words to the Republican donors visiting Mar-a-Lago to perceive straight from President Trump,” Trump advisor Jason Miller said. “Palm Beach is the caller governmental powerfulness center, and President Trump is the Republican Party’s champion messenger.”

Despite Saturday’s intended message, Trump’s committedness to the GOP is acold from certain.

Earlier successful the year, helium raised the anticipation of creating a caller governmental party. And conscionable a period ago, Trump’s governmental enactment committee sent letters to the RNC and others asking them to “immediately cease and desist the unauthorized usage of President Donald J. Trump’s name, image, and/or likeness successful each fundraising, persuasion, and/or contented speech.”

GOP officials person repeatedly tried to downplay the fundraising tensions and spot Trump’s information arsenic a motion that helium is consenting to lend his sanction to the party. At the aforesaid time, Trump continues to aggressively accumulate run currency to substance his ain governmental ambitions.

Trump has besides regularly attacked his Republican critics successful caller weeks, particularly Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and No. 3 House Republican Liz Cheney. Neither attended the play donor summit.

Trump did not onslaught Cheney oregon McConnell — oregon immoderate Republicans — successful Saturday’s speech, astatine slightest according to his scripted remarks.

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