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Travel surgery of pancreatic cancer in CIMS: Tumor extracted from the lower abdomen after 8 hours of operation; Now healthy

Travel surgery of pancreatic cancer in CIMS: Tumor extracted from the lower abdomen after 8 hours of operation; Now healthy

July 22nd 2022, 4:42 am
Amitesh Kumar
In Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences, successful treatment of pancreas patients is being done. The team of doctors has given a new life to a patient by doing successful surgery of pancreatic cancer. The patient was suffering from stomach ache for a long time. He is now healthy after the operation. 46 -year -old Bahoran Patel, a resident of Ratanpur in Bilaspur, was suffering from stomach ache for some time. He also complained of jaundice disease. He arrived at CIMS for his illness for treatment, where surgeon Dr. Mrinal Sharma investigated after recruiting him. During this time, his investigation reports revealed that there is a tumor in the head of his pancreas. The patient was prepared for surgery during the treatment. Mrinal Sharma said that after examining the patient, it was found that his pancreas would have to be operated. So, during treatment, the patient's jaundice under waxing and vanning improved the total bilirubin. After this, Dr. Mrinal Sharma prepared the patient for the Major Elevant Surgery Whippers operation without delay. The lower part of the stomach pulled out the cancer tumor. He said that the patient's whipples operation was performed. In the operation, the cancer tumor, distil Common bile duck, gall bladder, lymph node or lower part of the stomach were removed in the head of pancreas with C-loop duodenum. The surgery was complex, the tumor was adjacent to the nearest major blood vessels. It was then used for reconstruction, three germ-lupp anastomosis (pancreaticozystomy, colladocosejunostomy and gastrogenostomy). In complex surgery for eight hours, the Ligasura Vesel Cealing Ultrasonic Scalpel system was used in manuvera and various stages. All anstomosis was hand-soking. This complex operation took eight hours. Surgery was done by Dr. Mrinal Sharma and Dr. Neeraj Shende. Also, he was assisted by Dr. Komal Dewangan. Now the preparation is to discharge the patient. Sharma said that in the operation, General Anesthesia Dr. Milton Debbarma gave it. Dr. Vandita Mishra assisted in anesthesia. Along with this, Staff Nurse Meena Nirala, OT Staff Santosh Pandey also assisted in surgery. The post-operative patient is stable. The food has started from the sixth day of the operation. The patient has now started walking. Now it will be discharged in a few days. At the moment, the patient will be kept in regular followups. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.