Tom Curran debuts for Delhi Capitals: Mom will be nervous tonight, says younger brother Sam Curran

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IPL 2021, CSK vs DC: As Tom Curran makes his debut for Delhi Capitals, helium and his member Sam Curran are erstwhile again playing against each different successful the Indian Premier League.

 I'm definite   determination   volition  beryllium  a fewer  sledges, says Sam Curran (AFP Photo)

Tom Curran debuts for DC: I'm definite determination volition beryllium a fewer sledges, says Sam Curran (AFP Photo)


  • Tom Curran makes his debut for Delhi Capitals successful IPL 2021
  • Tom Curran and his member Sam are playing agianst each other
  • Rishabh Pant leads Delhi Capitals for the archetypal clip connected Saturday

Chennai Super Kings all-rounder Sam Curran is expecting his teammates to person a spell astatine older member Tom, who volition beryllium making his debut for Delhi Capitals successful Match 2 of the Indian Premier League 2021 connected Saturday.

Tom Curran and his England teammate Chris Woakes some got their maiden DC caps conscionable earlier the toss. Shikhar Dhawan handed implicit the headdress to Curran portion Woakes got his from skipper Rishabh Pant.

CSK vs DC, IPL 2021: Live Updates

Tom Curran was released by Kolkata Knight Riders earlier the February auction this year. Curran has played conscionable 2 seasons successful the IPL earlier this 1 successful 2018 and 2020 for Rajasthan Royals and KKR, respectively. Woakes has besides played 2 seasons successful the past - 2017 and 2018 - for Royal Challengers Bangalore earlier they released him.

DC brought Curran and Woakes connected committee for Rs 5.25 crore and Rs 1.50 crore respectively.

Speaking earlier the toss, Sam Curran said their parent would beryllium truly tense erstwhile she watched tonight's lucifer connected tv backmost location successful England.

"Nice to beryllium present for the one-day bid against India a mates of weeks backmost and had a spot of clip off. The bubble has been tough, but it's a caller satellite we unrecorded in.

"I cognize Mum volition beryllium tense contiguous (on going up against his member Tom Curran). Very antithetic to playing the past clip present successful India," Sam Curran told the big broadcaster.

Delhi Capitals, led by Rishabh Pant for the archetypal time, won the flip and opted to vessel archetypal against Chennai Super Kings and Sam reckons this lucifer could beryllium a high-scoring 1 owed to the smaller boundaries and a transportation which suits the batsmen much than the bowlers.

"The wickets are bully and boundaries are smaller, truthful the scores volition beryllium higher than what it was past twelvemonth successful Dubai. I'm definite determination volition beryllium a fewer sledges," Curran said.