Throwback diary: When Shah Rukh Khan told son Aryan that he can't go shirtless at home!

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The Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan, who is not lone known for his acting prowess but besides for his witty consciousness of humour. Scrolling done his throwback interrogation fixed to Femina successful 2017, SRK spilled the beans connected what rules are successful spot for lad Aryan Khan, erstwhile astatine home. 

Shah Rukh besides highlighted the value of sex equality and however to support decorum erstwhile you are astatine location oregon extracurricular with your mom, sister, oregon pistillate friends. Elaborating further astir it, Shah Rukh Khan said his Aryan is not allowed to beryllium shirtless astatine home. 

"I judge that a antheral successful his location doesn't person the close to spell shirtless successful beforehand of his mother, sister, oregon women friends. I archer Aryan to enactment connected a T-shirt each the time," the ‘King of Romance’ said.

Sharing his presumption connected sex equality, helium said that his sons volition person nary other privileges implicit girls. "If you'd consciousness uncomfortable seeing your mother, daughter, sister, women friends without their apparel on, wherefore would you expect them to judge you shirtless? It's got thing to bash with having breasts oregon not-don't bash thing a miss can't do," helium added.

Talking astir the beingness lessons helium gave to Aryan and besides talking astir his small toddler, AbRam Khan, the ‘Don’ histrion said, “Equality should not beryllium an excuse to suffer your chivalry. I archer Aryan that tu-tadak is unacceptable erstwhile he’s addressing a girl. ‘Tu pizza le aa’, ‘tu idhar aa’ is not however you code women. Show immoderate respect. Now it’s reached a constituent wherever the different time my small one, AbRam, was horsing astir with the nanny and helium pulled her hair. Aryan was truthful incensed, helium said, ‘Let him crook 5 and I volition subject him!’

SRK got joined to Gauri Khan successful the twelvemonth 1991. The mates is simply a arrogant genitor to 3 children - girl Suhana Khan and sons Aryan and AbRam Khan.

On the enactment front, SRK volition beryllium adjacent seen successful the much-anticipated movie ‘Pathan’. Reportedly, helium volition besides beryllium seen successful a cameo relation successful the sci-fi play ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’.