Three years after the end of special status, Kashmir's question for the government 'special'


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Three years after the end of special status, Kashmir's question for the government 'special'
10:21 AM August 4, 2022

Raj Khanna | Edited by: Ambar Bajpayee

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Aug 04, 2022 | 3:45 PM

Even after the end of special status, the question of Kashmir remains 'special' for the government and the country. Apart from political rhetoric, it is not surprising. Those who understood the ground truths have never confused that the 'Kashmir problem' will be solved by the elimination of Article 370 and 35A. In fact, this move of the government ended the situation of confrontation of the Center and the state in Kashmir under the federal system and gave the Center an open hand for policy decisions and their implementation. Due to the special status of Kashmir, the central laws used to apply in the state in the cases of foreign, defense and communication in the east. State approval was necessary for other laws. On completion of three years of the end of this particular system of the Constitution, the achievements related to it should be assessed from the point of view that what the center could do there after the end of the state?

Article 370 and 35 With the abolition of the provision of A, the Center did two works. Separated Ladakh from Jammu and Kashmir and then ruled both states union. This decision of the government was strongly opposed at two levels. One through Pakistan. Pakistan was a major obstacle through Article 370, even though the restoration of peace of Kashmir. Even today his attitude is bad. Security forces are still facing the same readiness to stop the training, infiltration and weapon supply of terrorists from the border. Of course, the plans of a major incident like Pulwama terror attack of February 2019 have not been repeated in the meantime and the terrorist incidents have been reduced by up to 45 percent, but the valley is still not free from terrorists, according to government data, from 5 August 2019 from August 5, 2019, according to government data. Between 26 January 2022, there were 541 terrorist incidents in the state. 439 terrorists were killed in them. 109 soldiers of security forces were martyred. 98 innocent citizens lost their lives. This fight is not going to stop even further, but the security forces have broken the back of foreign and local terrorists. Of course, by killing the innocent, terrorists have been creating an atmosphere of panic, but the security forces have been successful in the elimination of those who carried out such incidents much more rapidly. Meanwhile, effective control over stone pelting incidents is a great success between the government and security forces. The ban on the processions that took place on their funeral when the local terrorists are killed and rid of the violence during or after that should be considered as a great gift of this new system.

to end the special status of Kashmir The mainstream political parties of the second major anti -state have also been forced to keep pace with the new situation. Major parties National Conference and PDP or other small parties of the state realize that the restoration of special status of the state is no longer possible. They could not gather public support to fight on the streets ahead of statements. The issue of termination of Article 370 and 35A in the Supreme Court may be under consideration, but at the moment there is no expectation of any decision from there. Meanwhile, imposing separatist organizations like Hurriyat has been a major achievement of the government. By punishing former terrorists like Yasin Malik, the government has been successful in giving a strong message to other people of this line. On the other hand, by deciding on foreign funding, the government has managed to capture such elements of the valley to some extent, which has been spoiling the atmosphere by taking local youths on the wrong path with this money. Many familiar face of valley politics is in the grip of investigating the inforial agency in money laundering cases and at the moment their real concern is to save black earnings. If the government is strict for, then parallel efforts to gain the trust of the local population have also been fast. In the elections of bodies and panchayats, a large number of candidates and long queues of general voters in the polling created a new hope in the state. The mainstream party joined it through the secret organization. The delimitation work in the state has been completed. After three years of ending Article 370, the issue in the state is not to oppose its elimination but to hold the complete status of the state and hold the assembly elections early. After a long time, the influx of tourists in Kashmir has increased. The direct reason for this is the decrease in the atmosphere of panic. The working style of the government staff has changed. There has also been a decrease in commissioning. A separate flag of the state has been removed. The tricolor is now waving every government building. Residents of non -states marrying girls from Jammu and Kashmir can now be permanent residents of the state. People of other states have the right to buy non -agricultural land in the state. Development - Government schemes of construction have gained momentum. Efforts are on to expand investment in the state. The Center is focusing on Kashmir the most.

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