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The world's largest Omkareshwar solar project will start in MP today, know why it is very special

The world's largest Omkareshwar solar project will start in MP today, know why it is very special

August 4th 2022, 6:41 am
Amitesh Kumar

Omkareshwar floating solar plant project in Khandwa is starting today. Actually, the contract will be signed for the first phase of the project today. During this, CM Shivraj Singh will also be present. Know why this project is special ...

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Bhopal: The world's largest floating solar project is going to start in MP's Khandwa today. Explain that the contract will be signed today for the first phase of Omkareshwar Floating Solar Plant. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan will attend this program. Apart from him, Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar, New and Renewable Energy Minister Hardeep Singh Dung will also attend the program.

This program will be held in Kushabhau Thackeray Auditorium in Bhopal at 12 noon. Thousands of solar panels will be installed on the back water of the dam under the project. Solar panels will be installed in about 2 thousand hectares on the back water of the Narmada River. Where electricity will be ready, which will illuminate many cities of the state. The first phase of the 600 MW project will produce 278 MW of electricity.

Know why Omkareshwar Floating Solar Plant is special Omkareshwar Solar Plant is the largest floating solar energy plant in the world, in which solar plant will float on water. It will be built on the Omkareshwar dam of the Narmada River in Khandwa. When the water level is low, solar plants will be adjusted on top or downwards. Even in the event of strong waves, there will be no effect on the solar plant and the rays of the sun will continue to produce electricity. Also, the evaporation of water will also stop.

The cost of this project is around 3000 crores. This project of Madhya Pradesh Energy Development Corporation, Narmada Valley Development Authority and Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corporation is a joint venture. International Finance Corporation, World Bank and Power Grid have funded this project. This plant will be able to produce about 1200 million units of solar electricity every year. Out of this 600 MW project, 400 MW electricity will be purchased by Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company. This project will provide cheap and quality electricity.

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