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The video released before suicide: said - Never seen the kert, police station, Tehsil; Neither I want to see myself nor mother there

The video released before suicide: said - Never seen the kert, police station, Tehsil; Neither I want to see myself nor mother there

July 22nd 2022, 4:20 am
Amitesh Kumar
In the village Budhakheda, 30 -year -old Pawan Kumar hanged himself and committed suicide. Pawan has a 2 -page suicide Nate Cheda, besides uplating a video of 3 minutes 26 seconds on the 3 minutes 26 seconds of death. The uncle of the deceased, Dalip, told the police that Pawan Kumar, the elder brother Hanuman, was an Ekalata son. It was 30 years old. On 17 November 2019, she was married to Parta village Sainu. He has a one and a half year old daughter. For almost a year, Pawan Kumar's family was going on with his wife Sainu and in -laws. Because of this, he lived in a dhani made in a different play with his parents. Sainu had started living in his maternal home for six months. Efforts were made in every way to bring it back to the house, but Sainu's mother Darshana, Masseri sister Rajni alias Gelu, acquaintances Bada Bada Ramesh and Parta residents Rahatash refused to send them. The in -laws' side threatened to see the family in the correct. It was also said that he would take five lakh rupees. Due to this, nephew Pawan Kumar was disturbed by Manas. For this reason, as soon as Maika started, he was not hanged from the village and hanged himself in the plays of Prabhuwala. The nephew Rahul had told about this incident. Today is its last day. The cause of death is written in the suicide note. The suicide note was also uplated earlier on Facebook but deleted. May it not come to save Kai Kai. The whole reason has been written that for what causing me dying. Share the video, so that no one's house is destroyed. Play the house for two rupees. I am a single child of my family. The house will be locked because there is no one to run the lineage. My wife, mother -in -law and others have locked the house by making my misery. After this, there is no other option left in front of me. Going in the calendar, got the netis issued so that I could insult me. Can drag into the kert so that you can capture the land and house and take money. Although I have been separated for a year, but politics went on. My mother's name was written in the police station so that she could be presented in the police station and the correct. The summons came from the kert and the police came. It is presented in the morning. I do not want to be present in the kert. Neither did I ever saw police station, kert, tehsil. Neither do I want to see my mother there. My parents separated the money. Got a shop. Wife and mother -in -law conspired against me together. Suicide Nate is also applied. OK… Excerpts from the Suicide Nate… I am committing suicide by blackmailing me, Pawan Kumar, apart from the family. It is responsible for Darshana Devi, her girl Sonu and aunt's girl Rajni Golu. Together, these three had made a plan that by writing Pawan Kumar in police or kert, he would ask for ₹ 5 lakh in the name of judgment. He also blackmailed and separated from the householders. Then Sonu went to his house and threatened me that he would not give a dowry case. It consisted of these threes. Apart from this, the man of Badapel is also a man and Parta also. The name of the village of Parta is Rahetash Bishnai. They have to come and go home. After my death, I request the law that these three (wife, mother -in -law, maisery sister) get severe punishment. - As Pawan Kumar wrote in Suicide Nate. A case has been registered against five Laagea, including the wife of the mother, mother -in -law, sister -in -law. Pawan Kumar is not aware of getting summons from the car. Those who are engaged on themselves will be questioned.