The son of a 75 -year -old ex -serviceman: Fought a war in Bangladesh, not a child; Now listen to Kilkari


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The son of a 75 -year -old ex -serviceman: Fought a war in Bangladesh, not a child; Now listen to Kilkari
3:45 AM August 9, 2022

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Gopichand, a former soldier of Nuhania village of Jhunjhunu, was shot in the foot in the Battle of Bangladesh. Gopichand and his wife Chandravati are crossing 70. Both did not have children. Now at this age, IVF technology has a child, then the desire of life is completed.

Kilkari is the first time in Gopichand's courtyard. This happiness was waiting in his house for 54 years. At present, Gopichand is about 75 years old and wife Chandravati is 70 years old. If I have a son with IVF technology, how to express the happiness of the first child, they are unable to understand.

Gopichand said that now he too became equal to everyone in the world. Meaning that if the child comes to the house, their clan will also be able to move forward. Tears of happiness come out of Chandravati's eyes again and again. IVF (in vitro fertilization) expert Dr. Pankaj Gupta says- There are only a few cases of children being born at this age across the country. This is probably the first case of Rajasthan. When a 75 -year -old man and a 70 -year -old woman has a child.

Gopi Chand, the only son of his father, said that he is the only son of his father Nanu Singh. Due to this, a child in the house courtyard was waiting since 1968. Retired from the army in 1983. Since then, the wife had been investigated by doctors across the country. But children were not found. IVF was found out through relatives. Then the only IVF center in Alwar met Dr. Pankaj Gupta.

Doctors gave medicine here. Then on August 8, 70 -year -old Chandravati gave birth to a son at RR Hospital on 60 feet road in Alwar. The weight of the child is about a quarter to 3 kg. The son is so beautiful that the doctors repeatedly start feeding in the lap. The special thing is that this was the first delivery of RR Hospital.

Gopichand said- After seeing no one else, Gopichand said that children have been found at the age of 75. This cannot be more happy with this. I worked in the army. The battle with Bangladesh was shot in the leg. Retired from the army in 1983. Children were waiting since 1968.

but not a single child could be there. Showed the wife to doctors across the country. Finally, IVF has received children in Alwar. When the family members came to know, everyone has expressed happiness.

This is the IVF process, through which the child was born, the vitro fertilization (IVF) was known as the first test tube baby. In this treatment, the eggs of the woman and the sperm of the men are added. When the fetus is formed, it is placed in the woman's womb. This process is quite complex and expensive, but it is a boon for those who have been trying to conceive for many years, but are not able to succeed.

This process would be completed in many stages Is, including ovarian stimulation, extracting eggs from the woman's ovary, taking sperm from a man, fertilization and placing the fetus in the womb of the woman. A cycle of IVF may take two to three weeks. The process with Chandravati was done about 9 months ago. After completing the pregnancy period, Chandravati has been born 2 kg 750 grams of healthy child. On 25 July 1978, the first Test tube baby was born in England.

Now the government has enacted the ART (Assistant Reproductive Technology) law regarding the rest tube baby of the Art law. This law has come into force from June 2022. Under this law, women over 50 years of age cannot be made a test tube baby. Meaning for a test tube baby, the age of the woman should be less than 50 years. But this case is before the law is enacted. So they have got a child at the age of 70.

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