The scene of Karbala's battle is realized: Hydos played with swords in the innercot


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The scene of Karbala's battle is realized: Hydos played with swords in the innercot
2:47 PM August 9, 2022

On the tenth of the month of Moharram in Ajmer, on Tuesday, the hydos was played with swords with drums in the inside. During this time, the scene of Karbala's battle was realized. Dola ride was taken out. During this time, weeds were also celebrated at Taragarh on the occasion of Moharram. On the occasion of 10th of Moharram, on Tuesday, Ashikan A. Hussain in the inside of the inside, realized the battle of Karbala by playing a big high -hearted with naked swords. Later Dole Sharif's ride was taken out. Cannon shells were being fired during the highday and were making a special sound. The bugle was being played like a battle ground. Akidtmand was moving forward, performing the sword maneuver in a round circle. To keep the high -handed players, the workers were seen making arrangements by taking lips and hockey. Video graph of HighDaus was conducted by the police. Nasim Akhtar, Congress leader Mahendra Singh Ralavata, Councilor Gajendra Singh Ralavata, Boravad Makrana Municipality Chairman Sameem Khatri and members of the Dargah Committee were present. On the day Yom e Ashura, the ride of Taji and Dole Sharif came out in different parts of the city. As a procession, Akidatmand arrived to take these Tajis to Saib. Martyrdom Nama was read in the dargah. Martyrdom was read from 8 am in Imam Bargah and Langar Dhan at Dargah Sharif, Chhatri Gate. In the afternoon, the silver crown was brought from the anchor and kept on the Nizamgate. After Johar's prayers, silver Tajiya, Sipahiyan's Tajiya and Phool Gali Taji ride started. Here, the small Tajis made by the children of the locality in the surrounding areas also brought it to Saib as a procession. > Various events are also going on at Taragarh on the occasion of Moharram. Majlis continued throughout the night on Monday on Monday of Yom e Ashura. On Tuesday, Akidtmand mourned themselves by bled themselves. Akidatmand was present in large numbers. The dargah arrangement Committee Taragarh's Moharram Convenor Haji Mohammad Yunus said that there was noon on the occasion of Moharram. This was followed by Alam and Duldul ride. During this time, by bled by many akidtam chains, blades etc., he presented Khiraj -e -Akidat to Hazrat Imam Hussain and his jan Nisar comrades. The city of Ajmer of Rajasthan

The city of Ajmer has the distinction that the tradition of playing the high -day starting from the historic two and a half days hut (inner) is also played with great faith in Pakistan across the border. On the occasion of Moharram, the way in the inside of the 9th of Moharram in the inside and on the 10th day, it is tried to realize the battle of Karbala. Hyderabad is also realized in Sindh. Prior to the partition of the country, on the occasion of Moharram, only the world was played in the world. At the time of Bantwara, some people from inside went to Pakistan. The people of the inside of the fraternity settled in Pakistan play high -day in their country. In Pakistan, Hyderabad is a high -day at Khat Chowk in Sindh and goes to Tarachand Hospital. did. Which still happens every year. Haji Chand Khan, former president of Kotian, inside the Society Panchayat, says that it is heard from the elders that the high -day is played in the inside of the Marathas. But no written documents are yet available. Haji Chand Khan told that bugle is also played along with naked swords. Karbala's scene came true by playing hijos with naked swords.

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