The Chief Minister who wrote the 60 -page suicide note and then committed suicide


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The Chief Minister who wrote the 60 -page suicide note and then committed suicide
6:55 AM August 9, 2022

Aug 09, 2022 | 12:25 PM

"People's memory is very weak, they forget anything soon." These were the words of the influential person who wrote a 60 -page note and embraced death a few hours later. August 9, 2016. This was the date when a militant leader who led Arunachal Pradesh gave his life by hanging from the noose. He was a person, former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Kalikho Bridge. The same Kalikho, who once started his career as a local school watchman and there he used to get Rs 212 for hoisting the tricolor daily. Had attempted suicide once even in adolescence. Then he was in the eighth and fell ill. They did not have money for treatment. No one was supporting even after wandering from rate to rate. Then the reasons were private, but when the bridge reached the Chief Minister's chair after the conflicts, when he committed suicide in 2016, there were political reasons behind it, as he had told in his suicide note.

father of five children's father The bridge used to come from a very small community command Mishmi, the community in which there are barely two and a half thousand people. He lost his parents at a very young age. Learned wood work to run the house and became a carpenter. Used to make furniture throughout the day and do the watch at night. For a few days, he also ran a water-bidi stand. He was interested in many sports including reading, walking, chase and badminton.

Before becoming the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, he has the record for the longest finance minister. Kalikho had been winning the assembly elections five times in a row since 1995. He was a minister of many departments. He held many important positions in the Congress Committee. However, he later rebelled from the Congress and joined the BJP. He became the Chief Minister with the support of BJP by rebelling against the Nabam Tuki government of the Congress. But even 6 months could not last.

The Supreme Court on July 13, 2016, termed Tuki's government's dismissal as unconstitutional and restored Tuki's government again. After this the bridge had to resign. And then within a month, he hanged himself from the noose. Before committing suicide, Kalikho Pul wrote a 60 -page note and then made serious allegations against the people sitting in constitutional posts including the then CM, Deputy CM. However, different claims were made by both sides about how much truth was there in his note.

Pul believed that it is wrong to give a decision in favor of the Supreme Court in favor of Tuki. He wrote in the note that 49 crore and 37 crore rupees were demanded in lieu of saving the chair from him. The bridge wrote, "I and my close friends were contacted that if I give 86 crore rupees, then the decision will go in my favor. I am a common man, I have neither money nor I want to do so. ”

In that 60 -page note, Kalikho Bridge wrote a lot and made serious allegations against the leaders. He also wrote some lines while addressing the general public of Arunachal Pradesh, which we are keeping in his own words. He wrote,

“I have no selfishness in telling these things, nor do I have any fear, neither I am weak nor I consider it my dedication. By saying these things, my intention is to awaken the public, they have to tell about these dirty plays, looting and the truth of corrupt system happening in the government, society, state and country. But people's memory is very weak, they forget anything soon. Therefore, keeping these things in mind, I have taken this step to remind, awaken, explain and consider the public. ”

Finally he wrote,“ I want my heart that my heart That this thing is to reach more and more people so that I can explain to you, wake you up and give you courage and strength in the fight for truth. ” His suicide remains mystery for people.

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