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The attack of China will be like Russia, Taiwan's soldiers are expert in this warfare

The attack of China will be like Russia, Taiwan's soldiers are expert in this warfare

Pankaj Kumar | Edited by: Daya Krishna

Aug 04, 2022 | 3:16 PM

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The Chinese army has also started military drill around Taiwan. After the visit of Pelosi, China can attack Taiwan, the possibility of it is in full swing. In such a situation, Taiwan has done the same strategy Akhtiyar, with the help of which Vietnam had chewed Nako gram to America. Yes, Taiwan will adopt the strategy of guerrilla war to deal with China and for a long time millions of soldiers have been ready to mastered this genre and have two hands from China. After traveling the day, she went back and after this, in the name of China war drill, war exercises have started a few kilometers away from Taiwan. The big challenge before Taiwan is that Taiwan will resort to which strategies Taiwan will resort to the huge army of China. It is believed that Xi Jinping will claim to become President for the third time and he will not hesitate to do this in the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. In such a situation, to strengthen your claim, it would be strong for Xi Jinping to respond to Pelosi's visit. Therefore, Xi Jinping will be forced to take a tough stance. In this episode, the PLA has claimed to have a missile test along with long rage live fire shoots during military exercises, which is in the world. Questions are being raised that the way Russia is constantly trying to capture Ukraine by attacking Ukraine, China will also attack Taiwan soon and how far Taiwan will prove to be effective in dealing with powerful China.

Taiwan will adopt the method of ESMITIC Warfare after the Chinese attack on Taiwan, which is called Parkupine Strategy. Through this, the war is pulled long and war is made extremely expensive for the enemies. To destroy China's expensive Naval Ship and Naval Equipment, Taiwan has made complete preparations to enter the battle with the help of low -cost warships like Drone and Mobile Coastal Defense Cruise missile i.e. CDCM. Taiwan also has an anti-air, anti-tank and large cank of weapons and ammunition which will provide full strength to fight China.

Fishing in Taiwan's ports Taiwan has prepared to give a strong shock to the Chinese Navy with the help of cheap weapons by installing stealth fast-atac crafts and miniature missile assault boat among boats. Taiwan's most special military unit ARP is specially designed to fight in the sea or swimming pool. Despite their soldiers being tied in the water, the enemies have been prepared to get rid of sixes with a long time. Obviously, the support of water is the most effective medium to surround Taiwan, so Taiwan has prepared his soldiers by giving special training to deal with opponents in water.


August 4th 2022, 9:51 am
Amitesh Kumar
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