TERRE DES FEMMES launches the campaign “Abolish Paragraph 219a”

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Spots constituent retired the lunacy of this misogynic paragraph

Berlin, 22 April 2021. Paragraph 219a of the German Criminal Code (StGB) prohibits “advertising for abortion”. This paragraph is not confined to advertizing but includes virtually immoderate benignant of information. In factual terms, this means that doctors whitethorn lone marque nationalist that they execute gestation terminations. But they whitethorn not supply accusation to the nationalist connected however they execute them. Otherwise, they are breaking the instrumentality and could look up to 2 years successful prison, oregon a fine. And inadvertently large women bash not get the accusation they need.

TERRE DES FEMMES launches the run

TERRE DES FEMMES launches the run

In effect to this situation, TERRE DES FEMMES is launching the “Abolish Paragraph 219a” run with the purpose of making a important publication to acquisition connected abortion. Its unambiguous aim: Paragraph 219a indispensable beryllium struck from the German Criminal Code. “Women’s state for america is inextricably linked to their state to determine to terminate a pregnancy. With this campaign, we are aiming for the abolition of Paragraph 219a. Every pistillate indispensable person the close to get entree to nonrecreational accusation connected abortion,” says Christa Stolle, the managing manager of TERRE DES FEMMES.

The campaign’s “heart” is the website www.abolish219a.com. TERRE DES FEMMES is collecting and publishing each the important accusation connected the taxable of termination that doctors are not allowed to people nether existent legislation. The accusation is disposable for downloading from the website successful assorted formats, truthful that anyone volition beryllium capable to administer it to the women acrophobic and different funny parties, for illustration via societal media channels. It contains affectional broadcasts and films successful which non-professionals, specified arsenic a restaurateur, an announcer and a conveyance mechanic, stock invaluable accusation connected termination successful enactment of the run to amusement however insane and misogynist Paragraph 219a is. These little items item the absurdity that immoderate non-professional is allowed to stock information, portion galore doctors cannot.

General practitioner Kristina Hänel, 64, is among the campaign’s salient backers. She has been affected personally by the paragraph’s terrible consequences. Hänel was convicted, contempt an entreaty to the Frankfurt higher determination court, for providing accusation connected termination procedures connected her website. She past lodged an entreaty connected law grounds, and the lawsuit is present pending earlier the German Constitutional Court successful Karlsruhe. Kristina Hänel is conducting her tribunal conflict on with an entreaty to the public: “I judge that it is important that everyone has the accidental to supply accusation and acquisition connected abortion. Women reasoning astir the substance often find themselves successful an affectional emergency. Access to reliable accusation would beryllium hugely important to them.”

Further accusation whitethorn beryllium recovered astatine www.frauenrechte.de

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