Tamil Nadu: CM Stalin starts fulfilling pre-poll promises; takes steps to combat Covid

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Tamil Nadu main curate M.K. Stalin is simply a antheral successful a hurry. After assuming office, connected May 7 helium assessed the precarious Covid-19 concern successful the authorities and opted for a bold but unpopular decision. Putting lives implicit livelihoods, helium imposed a fortnight-long lockdown from May 10 successful an effort to interruption the concatenation successful the dispersed of the virus.

At the archetypal furniture gathering connected May 9, helium underlined the seriousness of the concern to his colleagues successful the furniture earlier despatching 22 of them to 14 precocious prevalence districts. They volition beryllium stationed determination during the lockdown to oversee each Covid-related initiatives. Continuity and change, a premix of the aged and the caller has been the standout diagnostic of Stalin’s choices for his cabinet. So aged warhorses similar S. Durarimurugan (irrigation), K.N. Nehru (municipal administration) and I. Periyasamy (cooperatives), present successful their seventies and eighties but inactive active, are successful the premix with comparative newbies similar P.T.R. Palanivel Thiagarajan (finance). Duraimurugan, besides the enactment treasurer, Nehru, Ma Subramanian (health), E.V. Velu (public works) and T.R. Baalu (Lok Sabha MP), signifier the halfway radical astir the main minister. Their inputs, accidental analysts, would person contributed to Stalin’s prime of ministers. Significantly, 15 of the 33 ministers successful his squad are caller faces.

Before travelling to the authorities secretariat, Fort St George, for the archetypal clip aft the swearing-in ceremonial presided implicit by Governor Banwarlal Purohit, Stalin cleared cardinal papers successful keeping with his pre-poll promises. Beginning May 15, the archetypal fractional of the Rs 4,000 currency assistance volition beryllium distributed arsenic Covid alleviation to 20.7 cardinal atom ration paper holders done the nationalist organisation system. For this, tokens are being delivered to their doorstep indicating the clip and spot wherever they tin cod the grant. This volition outgo the exchequer implicit Rs 4,150 crore. The authorities volition besides conscionable the aesculapian expenses of each Covid patients, adjacent those being treated successful backstage hospitals, done an existing security scheme.

In keeping with different promise, women get escaped rides connected authorities transport buses successful Chennai and different municipality areas. This volition outgo the authorities transport corporations astir Rs 1,200 crore successful yearly revenue. Working women and girls pursuing higher acquisition relationship for astir 40 per cent of Tamil Nadu’s autobus passengers. Policy experts accidental escaped nationalist transport tin empower women, giving them greater entree to jobs and education. Persons with disabilities and transgenders person since requested Stalin to widen them the aforesaid facility.

Another pre-poll sop implemented instantly has been slashing beverage prices of the state-owned Aavin marque by 3 rupees, with a corresponding cutback successful its procurement terms arsenic well. Though they look similar fashionable decisions, it is successful the implementation that Stalin’s medication volition beryllium gauged. Fulfilling different cardinal pre-poll promise, the main curate connected May 8 handed implicit the thousands of petitions that helium had received during the run nether the ‘Ungal Thoguthiyil Stalin (Stalin successful your constituency)’ programme to an IAS officer, Shilpa Prabhakar Sathish, who has been appointed arsenic Special Officer to dispose of these petitions wrong 100 days. Stalin has acceptable up a abstracted section for the petitions and plans to motorboat a website which volition station updates connected their status. Personal grievances that are beyond the administrative ambit volition beryllium guided towards alternate resolutions.

The main curate has assured an honorable and transparent medication and asserted that the authorities is for each the people. “I americium arrogant to person got the accidental to fulfil my dreams astir the state, which is based connected my experiences and meetings with radical crossed Tamil Nadu implicit the past respective years. I privation to alteration the authorities into 1 of the champion places to unrecorded successful the world,” Stalin wrote successful the enactment regular Murasoli connected May 9, his archetypal missive to the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) cadre since taking implicit arsenic main minister. “I bash not spot myself arsenic the main minister, but arsenic a frontline worker. I cogwheel up for this work, keeping successful caput the information that governance is not a furniture of roses but 1 afloat of thorns.”

“Though this is simply a authorities led by me, the president of the DMK, this is not the authorities of the DMK enactment this authorities is for each the people, it volition instrumentality on each sections of nine without immoderate differentiation,” helium promised. Stalin urged partymen to enactment towards resolving the people’s problems by taking on workers of different parties successful a tone of friendship. “There is simply a batch of anticipation among the radical who person faced disappointments successful the past 10 years. There is nary constituent blaming the past. It is amended to airy a lamp than to blasted the darkness. Rather than criticising autumn, fto america invitation spring,” helium wrote.

In the past, the DMK cadre person been known to thrust roughshod implicit opponents. Indeed, during past campaigns, a changeless absorption refrain was to punctual radical of this. This time, though, things mightiness beryllium different. Stalin has laid down the instrumentality and has already expelled a fewer enactment workers who, aft the predetermination victory, ransacked the subsidised Amma canteens successful Chennai demanding that they beryllium renamed Anna canteens (after the archetypal main curate C.N. Annadurai).

At slightest thrice successful the past week the DMK main has emphasised that this volition beryllium a authorities for each of Tamil Nadu, and not conscionable a enactment regime. Stalin seems to beryllium superior astir this, and the DMK authorities volition beryllium keenly watched to spot if it succeeds successful making it so. The main minister’s archetypal moves look to suggest that helium volition beryllium much accessible to the people, dissimilar demigods specified arsenic M.G. Ramachandran and J. Jayalalithaa, oregon the 4th and 5th word Karunanidhi terms, and adjacent contiguous predecessor E.K. Palaniswami. Stalin has been a keen tourer of the villages during his campaigns successful the past decade, and whitethorn proceed his visits to the districts erstwhile the Covid concern eases up. “There is an undercurrent of sincerity and seriousness that has not been felt successful the past galore decades,” says governmental commentator N. Sathiya Moorthy.

In the administration, Stalin volition besides person to equilibrium governmental interests, particularly erstwhile it comes to immoderate of his seasoned enactment colleagues heading ministries. That is wherever helium volition beryllium tested but helium volition not neglect for deficiency of experience. The main curate has spent adjacent to 50 years successful nationalist life; he’s been the politician of Chennai, minister, lawman main curate (2009-’11) and besides the person of the absorption successful caller years.

The economy, jobs and acquisition are the 3 sectors that request the urgent attraction of the authorities too the Covid situation. The DMK canvass manifesto has besides outlined the request to negociate the state’s mineral wealthiness better, indicating that the mopped up funds whitethorn beryllium utilized to assistance easiness the fiscal situation. Covid absorption and funding, GST dues, NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for undergraduate aesculapian students) and NEP (National Education Policy) are among the issues helium volition instrumentality up with the Centre connected priority. “Stalin does privation to bring immoderate freshness to his administration. He seems to beryllium a batch much assured since helium is not babelike connected immoderate 4th for survival,” says Ramu Manivannan, head, section of authorities and nationalist administration, University of Madras. “He volition trust connected the bureaucracy much than his father. The determination to alteration the names of immoderate authorities departments is much than cosmeticwe tin expect caller directions successful governance from this administration.” Stalin has besides not conscionable relied connected idiosyncratic acquisition but gone by established credentials to prime the state’s main caput and the officials for the Chief Minister’s Office (see box: Calculated Change).

Calculated Change

The Tamil Nadu main curate is conscious of the information that his show successful handling the Covid concern implicit the adjacent fewer months could marque oregon mar his word successful office. Going by the alteration of the state’s main caput and the prime of 4 IAS officers for the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), Stalin has signaled intelligibly however governance is apt to beryllium steered successful the adjacent 5 years. He picked V. Irai Anbu to beryllium main secretary, overlooking the seniority of 12 IAS officers. Anbu is wide regarded arsenic a just head with a bully way grounds successful sprucing up the authorities machinery and is besides among the fewer civilian servants successful the authorities who is fashionable arsenic a nationalist speaker, particularly successful the semi municipality and agrarian areas.

Inducted into the CMO are T. Udhayachandran arsenic the archetypal secretary, on with P. Umanath, M.S. Shanmugam and Anu George, the 3 different secretaries. The CMO retains the organisational operation of earlier ones that the AIADMK used. In different changes, Gagandeep Singh Bedi, who was the fashionable territory collector of Cuddalore during the 2004 tsunami, has been made the Greater Chennai Corporation commissioner. “His choices to pb the bureaucracy person been positive, identifying honorable and businesslike officers, immoderate of whom had been cold-stored successful the past 10 years,” says governmental expert Sathiya Moorthy. “It is not astir the choices alone, but the benignant of connection Stalin has sent down the enactment to the people.”

So what tin the radical expect successful the adjacent 5 years of DMK rule? Analysts reason that Stalin is much conscious of his and the DMK’s image. He will, therefore, bash each that it takes to fortify the enactment (he’s adjacent tactfully kept lad Udayanidhi retired of the ministry). The main curate volition beryllium much emphatic astir Dravidian individuality and volition rally the enactment connected that plank. Within minutes of the swearing-in, Stalin took to Twitter to picture himself arsenic ‘Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, president of the DMK, belongs to Dravidian stock’. On the cards is simply a paradigm displacement successful economical management, without losing show of the Dravidian societal justness commitment, restoration of a cleanable authorities (even if successful comparative terms), and attracting much investments to the authorities than before. “Apart from a unchangeable attack to governance, a revival of Centre-state issues, stoking anti-BJP moves successful the authorities and crossed the state and redefining improvement priorities volition beryllium precocious connected the DMK agenda,” says Manivannan.

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