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Talk to the student who reached the police station for 85 rupees: Bid- Uncle who had threatened the book, when he met the police, the shopkeeper's soft attitude

Talk to the student who reached the police station for 85 rupees: Bid- Uncle who had threatened the book, when he met the police, the shopkeeper's soft attitude

July 22nd 2022, 4:42 am
Amitesh Kumar
A video of a student crying in Hardoi police station was revealed. The girl was demanding her rights in the police station. The student was crying crying, "The uncle with the book has taken 85 rupees more than that. Papa is working as a laborer. We are teaching somehow. We have read that consumer has rights. So our money should be returned." Dainik Bhaskar The team reached the girl's house. The name of the 11th student is Raunak. The team tried to know where Raunak got this courage. Dainik Bhaskar spoke to Raunak and his mother. During this time, Raunak asked the children to be aware of their rights, then his mother expressed pain by telling about her financial condition. There is also a poll in this news. You can answer the question before proceeding. Rounak's house is in Kidwai locality on Kanpur Road, 42 km from Hardoi. The team found that the walls of Raunak's house are confirmed. But there is no letter in the roof. There are 2 rooms in the house. There is a boundary all around. There have been 7 people in this. Cattle also live in the house. The straw is also full. The bed was found broken. Luggage was found scattered in the house. The shopkeeper took Rs 85, the officer said, "I bought the book of physics from the Ankur Book Depot on July 13. They gave the book for Rs 850. He went home with the book. After this, he went to school and then the classmates said that when the classmates said. That he bought this book from another shop for Rs 765. I read the rights of the consumer in books. So I went to the book depot on July 16. He said to Dukandar Uncle that he had taken 85 rupees more of the book, while other shops But it is getting cheap. In such a situation, he should either return the book or return the rest of his money. After this, Uncle refused to obey both of them. The wife said that go anywhere and complain that we will not do anything. Reached the police station directly, because I belong to the poor family. Just as my father is teaching for wages. Every penny matters to us. The other was violated by my rights. There is a Yogi government in the bay, so after reaching the police station, the right team asked Raunak- how did you make up the mind of the police station. Did you believe that justice would be found when going there? To this, Raunak said, "The newspapers had read that the Yogi government is doing a good job. Hopefully I will definitely get justice." "Sure to fight your rights" "Are you not afraid to go to the police. Raunak said on this, "Not at all. The police is for our safety. How to fear him? Raunak gave a message to all the children that they should fight their rights and fight for their rights. Do not let the rights be violated. "Raunak's mother said," The condition of the house is very bad. In such a situation, teaching 5 children is a very difficult task. She said so much, she became emotional. We have only 14 biswa farming. This makes the whole family run. ”This is Raunak's family, Subhash's father, works as a laborer. Mother is a housewife. Among 5 children are two elder sisters Ankita and Pragya. Ankita is 22 years old, while Pragya was 19 years old. Elder brother Surya Pratap is 17 years old. Raunak is 15 years old. Younger sister Pragati is 12 years old. Pragati studies in 6th. Raunak just passed the high school examination from Narpati Singh Inter College in the first class. From this college, Raunak has enrolled in the 11th. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website following follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.