Suryakumar Yadav on living in bio-bubbles: Staying with your family a blessing in disguise in these times

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Mumbai Indians star batsman Suryakumar Yadav has had a really good run in the last 8 months, where he first set the IPL 2020 stage on fire and later earned his T20I debut call for India in the series against England.

The batsman has credited his wife Devisha Shetty and the Mumbai Indians support staff for enabling an atmosphere where he could play his game with confidence whenever he got the opportunity.

He also added that in the current times when players spend a lot of time in bio-bubbles, it is the support of the family and friends that plays a key role in their performance on the field.

“I think these are very important points which no one actually feels, but family is the most important part in your life. When they travel with you, when they spend time with you, the on-field results doesn't matter when you come back to your room.

“You completely get refreshed, you don't think about matches, you just spend time with them and there is lot of positivity around. That's one aspect which is a really important factor in a sportsman's life,” Suryakumar told Sports Today.

Suryakumar emphasised on mental preparations during the times of Covid-19 pandemic and said that spending time with the family was a ‘blessing in disguise’ at the moment.

“If you come back to your room during the pandemic time, how much time will you spend watching movies on your phone, how much time will you spend to watch TV, you need something to relax your mind when you are sitting alone in the team.

“To calm you down and make you stay in present, a partner’s role is very important. In other times you get to go out and focus on other things as well but during these times, staying with your family and staying with your partner when you come back home is a blessing in disguise,” he said.

Mumbai Indians support staff keep things simple, says Suryakumar

Suryakumar also praised the Mumbai Indians support staff for keeping things simple and said that they take care off everything off the field.

“I don't think it's very very different, the owners, the support staff, try and keep things really, really simple. The only thing is they provide us the best thing which is required for a player to perform on the field. They take care of everything off the field so that players are not having any burden when they are on the field. Right from practices, to taking care of the family,” he added.