Sunil Chhetri plays down feat of surpassing Lionel Messi: I don't count the number of goals I score

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Sunil Chhetri went past Lionel Messi to the 2nd spot connected the database of progressive planetary footballers with astir goals. He scored a brace to assistance India bushed Bangladesh successful a World Cup qualifier lucifer successful Doha connected Monday.

 Chhetri aft  surpassing Messi (PTI Photo)

We volition speech astir my goals successful 10 years' time: Chhetri aft surpassing Messi (PTI Photo)


  • Lionel Mesi scored a brace successful India's 2-0 triumph implicit Bangladesh successful Doha
  • Chhetri, with 75 goals, is 2 up of Messi connected an elite list
  • India volition instrumentality connected Afghanistan successful their last Group E lucifer successful Doha connected June 15

India skipper Sunil Chhetri connected Tuesday said helium ne'er kept a tab connected the fig of goals helium scored and helium would similar to stay that mode adjacent arsenic helium surpassed Lionel Messi's tally of goals to go the second-highest scorer among progressive footballers.

Sunil Chhetri went past Lionel Messi's tally of 73 goals erstwhile helium opened the scoring for India successful the associated FIFA World Cup and Asian Cup 2023 qualifiers against Bangladesh successful Doha connected Monday. He doubled India's pb with a stoppage-time onslaught and finished with 75 goals.

The skipper said helium volition get down to counting his goals astir apt 10 years down the line.

"I bash not number the fig of goals. 10 years later, we volition beryllium together, person a chat and past count," the seasoned said.

The seasoned striker, who helped India registry their archetypal triumph successful six years successful World Cup qualifiers, present stands lone down Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo (103) successful the progressive planetary goal-scorers' list.

Instead of his goals, Chhetri focussed connected the galore lessons his squad volition instrumentality location from Monday's game. The elder pro missed rather a fewer casual chances earlier helium broke the deadlock successful Doha.

"We were blameworthy of missing a batch of chances. We could person done better. It has been a topsy-turvy qualifying campaign. Looking back, we recognize that we could person done a batch better.

"We volition speech astir it but I americium blessed that we got 3 points," Chhetri said.

Chhetri said helium has already enactment the triumph against Bangladesh successful the past and wants to absorption connected India's adjacent crippled against Afghanistan. He is conscionable a extremity distant from entering the satellite football's all-time apical 10 list. He is down Hungary's Sandor Kocsis, Japan's Kunishige Kamamoto, and Kuwait's Bashar Abdullah, who each person 75 goals.

"You cognize what. All of this is past. We play Afghanistan, and we person to beryllium astatine our best. It volition beryllium a caller day, a caller canvas. And it is up to america to overgarment it the mode we privation to," helium asserted.

India instrumentality connected Afghanistan connected June 15 successful Doha. The Blue Tigers request thing little than a triumph to seal their spot successful the last qualifying rounds for Asian Cup 2023.

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