Sunil Chhetri on his comparison with Lionel Messi: All the players in the world are his fan

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Indian shot squad skipper Sunil Chhteri has said that determination was nary examination betwixt him and Argentine guardant Lionel Messi and that each footballer successful the satellite is simply a instrumentality of the Barcelona superstar.

Indian Football squad skipper Sunil Chhetri (AIFF Image)


  • Sunil Chhetri has said that determination was nary examination betwixt Lionel Messi and him
  • People who recognize football, they cognize determination is nary comparison: Chhetri
  • Chhetri precocious surpassed Lionel Messi's planetary extremity tally with 2 goals vs Bangladesh

Sunil Chhteri scored a brace against Bangladesh successful the 2022 FIFA World Cup and 2023 AFC Asian Cup associated qualifiers connected Monday, taking his planetary extremity tally to 74, 2 much than Lionel Messi and fans person started comparing the talismanic India skipper to the Argentine superstar.

Fans besides comparison Chhetri with Portugal skipper Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the lone progressive footballer to people much planetary goals than the 36-year-old. Ronaldo has netted 103 times successful 174 games.

A question arises, what does Sunil Chhetri thinks astir these monolithic comparisons? Sports Today has got the reply for you. In an exclusive interview, Chhetri has said that determination was nary examination betwixt him and Messi and that each the footballers successful the satellite are fans of the Barcelona forward.

"Messi, Ronaldo comparison: There are nary comparisons. People who recognize football, they cognize determination is nary examination arsenic acold arsenic the players are concerned. There are thousands of players who are amended than maine successful the satellite and each of them are fans of Messi. So present you cognize the comparison" Chhetri told Sports Today.

Chhetri connected his thought process portion stepping connected the field

Further, Sunil Chhteri said that is absorption is wholly connected the crippled erstwhile helium steps connected the field. He besides revealed that helium stays distant from societal media avoids redlining thing himself and the players up of the match. Chhteri besides talked astir however helium deals with his critics.

"When the lucifer starts, I don't deliberation astir thing but the game. How to score, making runs, it's good if I missed, marque different run, each basal method stuff. I'm not reasoning astir thing isolated from the game.Before the crippled I dont work thing astir myself oregon the players. That is thing I bash religiously. I anyhow don't walk excessively overmuch clip connected societal media speechmaking worldly that I don't similar to read. I person antithetic interests and I bash work astir them. As acold arsenic my critics are concerned, I support them distant earlier a crippled due to the fact that astatine the extremity of the time I americium quality and it mightiness impact me, which is not needed. I effort to support that distant and instrumentality the crippled arsenic it is," helium said.

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