Such smell of corpses, people left home: Stop taking cow's milk due to fear of lump, demand for packing-pitter milk increased


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Such smell of corpses, people left home: Stop taking cow's milk due to fear of lump, demand for packing-pitter milk increased
1:57 AM August 5, 2022

This is Kevalram…. Residents of Ghevada village near Tinwari, 50 km from Jodhpur city. The sarpanch of this village also. Has its own house. However, his family left his own home and started living in the field. The reason is the death of cows due to Lampi. The pile of corpses has increased so much that it has become difficult to live in the smell.

there is no such only only. There are 5 to 7 families living in this village who have left their homes and have either shifted to the fields or elsewhere. Because, the figure of cows' deaths from Lampi has been so much that there is no space left to bury.

Kevalram said that there are about 150 families living in their colony. However, the number of deaths from Lampi has increased so much that the dead cows are being thrown near the colony. The smell is so high that it has become difficult to breathe.

They say that their neighbors Arjunram and Shankarram have also left their homes. It is a rainy season right now. Sowing time is going on in the fields. Workers are not available for farming. Two youths named Babalaram and Shivram were called from Tinwari. But, seeing the situation here, he refused to work. It is said that if we get sick, we will also be killed.

The villagers say that the fear of this disease has become like corona. Fear is that children do nothing. Therefore, many villagers have stopped drinking their own cow's milk. The demand for packed and powdered milk in villages suddenly increased. Bhaskar team reached Tinwari Gram Panchayat to know the truth of panic in the villages. Read- Shocking report ...

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There is a total of 33 gram panchayats and 77 villages in Tinwari Panchayat Samiti ofjodhpur's Tinwari Panchayat Samiti. There is a population of about 5 lakhs, most of which are farmers. Of these, about 1 lakh farmers are cattle rearers. Bodies are being dumped in roadside and open fields in areas like Ghavda, Jail Gagadi, Umaid Nagar, Mathania, Balrawa, Binjwadian, Malunungan, Cherai, Juda, Rampura Chaup in Tinwari Panchayat Samiti, 40 km from Jodhpur city. . The virus reached 14 thousand bovine in Jaipur

In addition to the enclosures and gaushalas, every other cow on the road is seen. 200 out of 12 hundred cows are affected in Ghevada Gaushala. Of these, 50 are on the verge of dying, they are kept away from other cows. The cattlemen say that this too will not be more than two-three days.

there was a pile of cow's bodies in the open ground, one kilometer from Ghevda Gaushala. Ghevada sarpanch only Ram Meghwal said that there is no place left for burial. The smell has spread for several kilometers. Due to the stench, people are not able to stay in the houses.

Milk of cows, drinking bags and powder are drinking about 1 lakh cattle rearers in the Teenwari Panchayat area. However, due to the fear of this disease, they are forced to drop their own cow's milk. These are the families who used their own cow's milk to work. The fear of spreading infection has become such that cow's milk has given up. Earlier 8 thousand liters of packing milk was consumed in the gram panchayat. In the last five-seven days it has increased to 20 thousand liters.

The people of the village have started feeding the children with powder. Earlier, it was supplied. However, now two carton powder (48 coaches) milk is being supplied. A carton consists of 24 coaches and 5 liters of milk is prepared from 1 compartment. In such a situation, 240 liters of powder milk is being consumed from a shop.

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Parasmal Parihar, a cattleman of Gayatinwari region, who is dying in front of the eyes, said that he has more cows. The cost of Tharparkar cows is close to 1 lakh. At the same time, Rathi cow is 45 to 50 thousand rupees. A month ago, two Tharparkar and a Rathi cow brought 1-1 lakh rupees. But, three days ago, all three of her died. He also spent 20 thousand rupees on treatment but could not save.

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