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Stress: No need to be disturbed by stress, it is good for the brain! Shocking revelation

Stress: No need to be disturbed by stress, it is good for the brain! Shocking revelation

August 4th 2022, 4:28 am
Amitesh Kumar

Stress News: This study of scientists has found that a lot of problems related to stress depends on its level. Its low to moderate levels can be helpful for your brain functioning.

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Stress Management: We all have heard and read that Stress means stress is not good for any person's health and it can wreak havoc on human body. But, now keeping in mind the facts that surfaced in a study, scientists have shared shocking information. According to the recent research by the Youth Development Institute of the University of Georgia, a certain and short deadline tension i.e. your mental trouble can be good for your brain.

disclosure in Psychiatry Research

The results of this sand were published in the medical journal after psychiatry research. This research found that the low to moderate levels of stress can help them reduce the risk of mental health disorders along with developing flexibility in people. At least from medium level stress, you can save somewhat from being a victim of situations such as future large and potential stress (mental disorders), depression and abnormal social behavior. This simply means that if you are in an environment where you have some or light level of tension, it helps your brain activities i.e. activities to run correctly.

Professor's claim

According to Asaf Oshree, Associate Professor of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, 'Through this mild to moderate tension, you develop an antidot in your mind to deal with the future crisis Can This light and short -term stress also plays its role in making you a skilled and effective.

shocking claim

The authors of this study have tried to explain their point by giving some examples. According to him, the stress done while studying just before the exam, can make you strong to deal with the work place or any major challenge of the house. At the same time, the tension that comes during preparing for office work or any big meeting of business can also be potentially causing your personal development. For example, the tension that the author will be rejected by a publisher may be motivated to rethink his writing style or subject. With this mild stress, people can get an induction to do something new in their respective fields. should. However, he also said that there is a lot of difference between the right amount of stress and too much stress. Which is not easy to understand. Oshree, who also directed the Youth Development Institute, said, 'This is exactly when you keep doing some difficult work and during that time there is some dryness on your skin. Then you work to make your skin favorable to that pressure and then slowly becomes normal.

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