Stock futures are flat to kick off the week with the S&P 500 just inches from a record

1 week ago 28

Traders enactment connected the level of the New York Stock Exchange.


Stock futures are level arsenic the S&P 500 attempts to marque a tally astatine a grounds precocious this week amid optimism astir the economy's ongoing reopening this summer.

S&P 500 futures added little than 0.1 percent. Dow Jones Industrial mean futures gained 21 points, oregon little than 0.1 percent. Nasdaq Composite futures roseate 0.1% percent.

The S&P 500 sits conscionable 0.2% from its intraday grounds precocious earlier successful May. The benchmark precocious 0.6% past week to bring its 2021 gains to much than 12%. The Dow and Nasdaq besides posted gains past week.

Friday's jobs study showed the unemployment complaint dropping to 5.8% from 6.1% and that 559,000 jobs were added successful May. The study was seen arsenic beardown capable to support investors' assurance successful the economy, but airy capable to support the Federal Reserve from rushing to alteration its casual wealth policies.

Investors are focused connected inflation information successful the week ahead, with May's Consumer Price Index (CPI) scheduled to beryllium released Thursday. In April the CPI roseate 4.2% from the erstwhile year, the fastest summation since 2008. If prices proceed to emergence it could origin the Federal Reserve to measurement backmost from its casual policies.

Over the play the G-7 nations reached an statement connected planetary taxation reform, calling for the world's largest corporations to wage astatine slightest a 15% taxation connected their earnings. That's little than the Biden administration's archetypal proposition of a minimum 21% taxation rate, which didn't garner overmuch enthusiasm successful different countries. Major companies including Facebook and Google person responded favorably to the agreement.

Meme stocks volition beryllium backmost successful the spotlight again this week. Most of these speculative stocks, including GameStop, AMC and BlackBerry, ended the week successful the reddish despite monolithic gains aft a volatile trading week.