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Public App is a Social Network. Our mission is to connect people, services and companies by creating simple and convenient communication tools.

Hey, welcome to Public App :)

Public App is a website, mobile app, and YouTube channel. You can download it on the Google play store, you can watch it on YouTube, or You can browse it on the Google Chrome browser at

Through the Public App, you can read the most useful posts related to the latest technologies like Programming with MERN (Mongo Express React Node), Hacking with Kali OS (Operating System), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the Latest and useful Apps, Softwares, and How-Tos.

Public App Website

All the posts are written in very simple language with pictures and diagrams that will be very easy to understand for everyone. And all posts are written and I am writing to make them easier to understand for beginners.

No expertise is required to read blogs here. It is pretty simple and easy.

You may be finding different public app named websites on Google so you should know which one is my website.

Public App Website -

How to access Public App Website

  1. First, you need to open your web browser that can be Google Chrome or any web browser that is installed on your device (PC or Mobile).
  2. Then enter "" in the search box.
  3. You will see the result from Google.
  4. Then choose one which URL looks like this -
  5. After that, this website (Public App website) will be opened.

Public App (Mobile Application)

I have created an app also which can be downloaded to your phone that will help you to access easily blog posts of Public App to your phone without using any web browser or searching on Google.

Public App's mobile application version is the same as the website and a very lite weight app, so you can download it very easily on your phone with very little RAM and Processor.

Public App Download Link

How to download Public App on your Android Phone

There are two ways to download Public App on your mobile phone.

Way One

  1. First, open the Play Store on your android phone
  2. Then enter the Public Appin the search box which can be seen above the all apps in the play store
  3. Then you will see the result of the search, then you will see Public App with Blue icon with 'Amitesh Kumar' author name and in Education category.
  4. Then touch on that app and then tap on the install button.

Way Two

  1. Open Public App Website by step which is defined above.
  2. Go to the about page of the Public App website.
  3. And then click on the Get it on Google Play icon.
  4. Then in your phone play store will be opened with Public App Mobile Application.
  5. To download Public App, click on the Install button.

Public App YouTube Channel

I have created a YouTube channel for Public App, where I upload videos of every single post that is posted on the Public App website or application.

I upload videos in the Hindi language and every written post is in the Hindi language on the website and both are linked together.

So, the Public App YouTube channel makes it a lot easier to understand deeply every single post of Public App.

On the YouTube channel, you will find the same topics as on the website like technology-related like Coding with MERN (Mongo Express React Node), Hacking, Securing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization, and latest and useful technology news and How-Tos.

Public App YouTube Channel Link

How to Access or Subscribe Public App YouTube Channel

There are two ways to access or subscribe the Public App YouTube channel

First Way

  1. Open YouTube app on your mobile phone.
  2. Then search the Public App YouTube Channel in search box of YouTube.
  3. Then you will see the Public App channel with Blue color icon.
  4. Then click on that channel and click on Subscribe button

Second Way

  1. Open the About Page of the Public App website.
  2. Then scroll down and go to the Public App YouTube Channel Link.
  3. Then click on the link.
  4. Then the Public App YouTube Channel will be opened on the YouTube.
  5. Then click on the Subscribe button.

Note: if you are using mobile to access Public App YouTube channel then the mobile app of YouTube will be opened by clicking on the link. And if you are using a desktop or laptop then YouTube will be opened in the browser. Or we can say the YouTube website will be opened.

Yes, you can absolutely learn here and If you want to share your knowledge you can comment or you can contact me to post here your blog (if you don't have your own blog website).

Do you want to know about me? I am Amitesh Kumar, my nickname is Bhanu Stark. I am 24 years old. Trying to get some fem in blogging.

History of Public App

Well, I was purchased my domain name on 9 November 2017 and tried to create a social network. I ran that social network for a year then after not getting revenue I moved it to a blogging platform then again went to the social network. I messed it up too much.

When I have purchased first on 2017 the Public App domain name, I didn't have enough knowledge and I was doing graduation with BCA in my college in a small city. And in my college, there was no one who was able to teach me about web development or designing or about SEO.

Before Public App, I was only creating free websites with subdomains and I was not much thinking about the SEO and the subdomains automatically getting indexed to Google and I was getting very happy to see that.

I was uploading my and my friends' photos on my subdomain website and that goes to Google. And we were being so happy by seeing that.

On every step of messing things, I've learned things like now I've learned to develop any kind of website, I can host that at any scale like if my website has load like Google's website then I can handle them. I learned web designing, SEO, hacking, and a lot of messed things.

I was created my subdomain website in 2013 that was

At this will not open, I think is now closed.

So, when I was created that I was happy for some years and tried some more different websites and also seen WordPress first time in 2014, but I was not understanding how this will work.

After some years, I understood that but I watched The Social Network movie, which was based on the Mark Zuckerberg story and I started trying to start a social network.

And also at that time, Facebook was at its peak. So I was very influenced to start a social network.

And I thought to use some money to start my website. So first, I purchased a domain name with the name of then I installed started finding social media scripts because I was not understanding PHP at that time.

So I tried these PHP scripts for my social network:

  1. JCow
  2. PHPfox
  3. BuddyPress
  4. Elgg
  5. Then UNA.IO

First, I tried JCow and installed it. It was very easy to install and use as a social network. And after installing, I started to share this with my friend.

I was telling them that I have created a social network named Public App use it. They were appreciating me by telling you will also become Mark Zuckerberg a day. And I was being very happy by listening to that.

But the real problem, I got is that many of my friends were not able to browse the Internet on the browser. They used to use only apps and they were also asking me that "Have you not created an app for this?"

At that time, I hadn't so much knowledge to create an android app, even I was not able to do coding in PHP.

Then I started learning PHP slowly-slowly.

Once when I was using PHPFox, I was not using Google analytics at that time for Public App. I was using only Cloudflare CDN and their analytics.

So at PHPFox time, I was getting too many bots on my website. They were creating users posting that commenting that. And I was not knowing that they are not real users they are just bots.

I was very happy at that time. After sometimes I listened to Google analytics, I tried that.

After installing Google Analytics, I was not able to see any user in that. I thought that Google Analytics is not working well.

And I was also trying to get AdSense approval for my website but I was not getting that.

So after that, I learned about Google analytics and understood that on Public App, they are not real users they are just bots.

Then I uninstalled PHPFox and I started using UNA.IO. At this time, I was learned enough PHP and I have also created one or two UNA modules for their market.

I used the UNA PHP script to create Public App as a social network for over 2 years and I got 200 users too.

But that was not enough.

After that, I learned more about SEO, web development, and web designing. I have recently learned MERN which is new technology.

From that time to till, there are a lot of social media apps came and gone and All of them played with money.

After that, I understood that without enough budget and manpower, It is not possible to start a social network.

So now I started Public App as a blog about technologies. Where I will share my knowledge, what I've learned and what I am still learning.

I know that I messed it up too much but I've learned a lot too.

History of Public App YouTube Channel

In 2019, This was a time when I was completed my graduation and I was just doing spoken course and I was moved to smart city of my state. I was working on Public App and started a YouTube Channel with my nickname.

At that time, my friend was told that you have too much knowledge and you should start a YouTube channel that will be a great idea for you.

So he made inspire and helped me so much to start my YouTube channel, I have started a channel with the name "Bhanu Stark" then I started creating and uploading videos on the YouTube channel.

But that time, the audio quality in the video was too poor, because I had not a good audio recording device.

But my phone was recording good quality audio and I started using that. After sometimes I thought to create a video with my face and I created some videos too.

Now, I got a new problem. My phone was recording very little FPS video. So stopped me there.

After some months, I purchased a great quality phone and a great mic to do recording and on the other hand, the Public App website was also ready.

I created and uploaded some great videos on YouTube and then started blogging.

After some time I realized to make the same brand name for everything for my Public App android application, for the Public App website, and for YouTube channel.

Then I renamed my channel from Bhanu Stark to Public App

Now about Public App

Now I've started this as a blog where I share about technologies. And I'm trying to find people like me who can also teach me some useful stuff.

Now I will suppose Public App's birthday on 23 August 2021, because I've started it as a fresh blog on this date.

Now Public App is a brand. It have its own website, android app, and a YouTube channel.

Here are all links to Public App products:

  1. Website -
  2. App -
  3. YouTube Channel -

Here are the logos and image assets that show the Pubic App brand:

Public App LogoPublic App IconPublic App YouTube Channel

About Me

I am Amitesh Kumar and my nickname is Bhanu Stark. so don't be confused about my name.

The all products of Public App, which I've defined above are mine and I manage them.

I have completed my graduation with BCA from SVP college Bhabua in August 2018.

I am not much social and I don't have enough friends. Mostly, I use my time with my laptop.

At the time of my childhood, I was playing cricket too much but when I got addicted to computers, I forgot everything.

I was used the computer first time in my school when I was studying in 6th standard and that time Windows XP was installed on every computer.

After that, I was using some button phones and learning about technologies, At that time button phones were advanced technology.

Then in 2011, I was started using and learning computers in the shop of some person. I was also doing their work and learning too.

After some time, I purchased my own laptop because I was getting enough time on their computer in their shop. At that time, I was in Intermediate class.

This is the past story of the Public App website.

After getting my own laptop, I started learning things like modifying the windows themes and designs. and that time, I started watching Hollywood movies.

At that time, there were two movies that changed my life and career too much which are The Social Network and the Iron Man.

After that, I thought to start my own social network and created a website named Public App.

When you will search on Google the word Public App, you will find two more things:

  1. - Public App is mine for technology blogs
  2. app - This Public App is for local video news
  3. com - This Public App is an investment app like UpStox and AngleOne

Below you can find details of other Public Apps which are made by other people or companies.

Public App News App

Public App is a mobile phone application that is made to get the news of your local city or village. Through this application, you can easily get all the news of your nearby locations on your phone. You will get all the local news in video format same as YouTube and its interface will look like Tiktok which is so easy to use.

Public App is a local news app that shows you the local news of your city. Therefore, you will find interesting and most important news and videos in the same place.

And downloading the Public App is so easy, just search the Public App on Google Play Store and click on the first app then click on the install button. It will be downloaded to your phone. Then enjoy it.

What is Public App (News App)

As you have seen above, I've told you that Public App shows you all the latest news from your local city or village.  Now we will know all the importance and feature of  Public App news live. Public App is an Indian-made news application that provides you with free news on India, which is a magazine mobile app that provides all the local news from your city or village and keeps you up to date with the latest news.

You can also choose different locations for their news.

This application is made by Inshorts which is working as a social network to get the local area news which can be easily uploaded as soon as possible with the video from that place where the matter happened.

Every single detail of that matter, you can get easily and as soon as uploaded you can receive with the medium of notification on your mobile phone from the Public App.

As well as you can also upload any recorded accident or matter to this app easily to share uploaded videos with other users of your city or village.

The great thing is that the Public App is made in India and Made by an Indian company that provides you the news video of only your location and in your local language.

How to Download Public App Online News Application

Know the latest news and latest video about your city on your smartphone easily. Download the Public News App on your android smartphone for free and get all the latest news from your city on your phone for free.

To download the Android app of Public App on your smartphone follow the steps below and download the app in seconds for free. Download it and get all the nearby locations' news for free to your phone with notifications or share your own recorded news or video to your city or village.

There are two ways of downloading Public App Online News on your smartphone

First Way

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your smartphone
  2. In the search box, write the "Public App" and then search for it.
  3. Now you will get the search result of Public App word. There will be a lot of apps with the same name.
  4. Click on the first one which icon will be colored Red. Which will be a real Public Hindi Local Videos News App.
  5. Then click on the Install button to download that.
  6. After completion of downloading click on the open button and Now you can use it.

Second Way

  1. If the first way not worked for you. Just search on Google with word Public App
  2. Then you will see a lot of results
  3. Then click on the Play Store's result
  4. Then you will be redirected to the play store where Public App Hindi News will be open.
  5. Then just click on the install button and downloading will be started.
  6. Then click on the open button and start using it.

Public App News Channel Download

By using this app, you can upload news videos and there can be seen the likes, comments and you can see the analytics of that videos also. You can see all the latest news about your nearby locations, cities, and villages.

As well as you can like and share the news with your friends and families too. Mostly, many people used this app only to watch the local nearby all the latest news videos but If you are finding any interesting thing happening near you, then you can record that and upload it to Public App online to share with all the Public App users.

By sharing videos on Public App, you will be connected with most users of your location. Then your followers will be increased and you will be able to share the news with most users of your city or village.

  • As well as, you can get all the breaking news of games related like Cricket, IPL, and Football, electricity deduction news, water flow interruption news, news of celebrities, the news of the religious events of your local location or city or village, news of theft, accidents news, robbery news in your city or village, and more to get attention using the Public App
  • At this time, Public App is providing all the breaking local news services in Uttar Pradesh, Rajsthan, Haryana, Gujrat, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, West Bengal, Punjab, Jharkhand, Odisha, Tamilnadu, and Kerala states of India.
  • In Public App, at this time, you can watch news videos in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujrati, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Odiya, Telugu languages.
  • As well as using this app, you can search for local jobs and rent houses or you can also upload videos for your job required candidates and rent houses.
  • You can also use it to get the weather and temperature status of your local location, city, or village.
  • Public App provides you all the latest and breaking news with video of your location, city, or village and even It takes care of your entertainment. It provides also interesting videos to you that you like to watch.
  • As well as, you can watch the short video of the news and you don't need to read the full story of the matter. And it will save your time and data on your phone.
  • The best benefit of using the Public App is that you can get the real news at a time and watch it as it is without being modified by any news channel and This saves users time and their phone's data and battery.
  • As well as, if you got any interesting news or video on the Public App, You can share that easily with your friends and family using WhatsApp or other social media platforms.
  • By sharing the local news to your local friends and family, that can help to them and important news they will get easily from you by the Public App.

Public App Invest in Stocks

Public App is an international app that is used to invest money in stocks. There you can invest any amount of money. The stock market in Public App becomes socially with other users.

There you can follow other investors, discover companies which will be better for your investment amount and you believe them. You can invest in Public App for as little as $1. There is no restriction on the less amount.

Features of Public App Investment application

  • Find your friends, families, or other persons like an experienced investor or famous celebrities or entrepreneurs who are doing well with their investment money and follow them easily like other social networks.
  • See which share is mostly purchased, who are purchasing, are they experienced, will it make profits for you also, and why they are purchasing these shares.
  • Chat with other investors of Public App and learning and discuss companies and their insights.
  • You can even earn free shares or stocks by sharing Public App with your friends and family that creates an account of themself to the Public App.
  • Grow yourself as an investor using Public App and understand with other users that how the share market works and how can you earn long-term profits.
  • With other users, you will understand which shares are profitable green-labeled and which shares are risky to buy.
  • Purchase long-term shares and classify them into other portfolios than the current one.
  • Ask questions to the forum of the broaden knowledgable users and increase your knowledge about the share market and the companies.
  • You can invest any amount of money without hesitating like if you want to invest $1 and buy a share then you can easily do this.
  • There is no commission fee like others are charging you with brokerage fees and different kinds of fees. Public App is totally free.
  • No limit to the minimum amount to deposit or withdraw in Public App. You can do whatever, how much you wish.
  • At Public App, you have the choice of thousands of stocks there you can buy any from them.
  • Public App keeps everything very transparent to its users. They don't share any users' data and they don't invest users' money in any other market makers.
  • Public App doesn't make money on what you have stored in your wallet of Public App
  • At Public, most users learned how to buy and invest money in the share market. They understood everything because of Public App's social connecting feature.
  • Most users are becoming now long-term investors at Public app by understanding things about the stock market. And how the Public App made a trust of their brand in the users.
  • There are 40% of users of Public App is female and 45 percent users have made their identity in the community and users identify them by their color.
  • Public App is a highly secured money investment app and made by professionals. They provide chat or email support to their users and their no. 1 priority is to listen to their users or customers.
  • Public App is not charging any brokerage charge and totally free for the world.

So now you can easily identify all the Public App which is on the Internet.