Srikanth Tyagi Arresting Inside Story: reached Meerut on 7 August in CCTV; Surrender for fear of encounter


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Srikanth Tyagi Arresting Inside Story: reached Meerut on 7 August in CCTV; Surrender for fear of encounter
7:43 AM August 9, 2022

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Srikanth Tyagi was hidden in Meerut for 2 days. Wife Anu Tyagi and he was talking to his advocate changing the number. Despite efforts to escape, the police got the lead from here. Noida police took Anu Tyagi in custody this morning. Some numbers were found from his mobile and while tracing these numbers, the police reached Srikanth in Meerut.

Police is seen entering Srikanth Meerut on August 7 in CCTV. There is another important thing here. Srikanth Tyagi was also fearing the encounter. This is the reason why wanted to surrender. As his sister has also made statements to the media channel. However, according to the police, he has been arrested.

CCTV of Srikanth location is present near Chuppulis in reverence in Kankarkheda. The first footage is from August 7. In the evening, his car was captured in the CCTV camera of Kashi toll plaza on the Delhi-Meerut Expressway. After this, the car reached the turn near the Pir of village Rithani, in front of Partapur police station. From here, the car went near Mudi and Sushant City of Meerut bypass.

After this, it reaches Shraddhapuri in Kankarkheda area in Srikantmerth. Here hides in a house. This house belongs to an acquaintance of him. The police is also looking for a clue.

STF and police raided, then handed over to Noida Police, according to police officials, Srikanth was in constant touch with his wife Anu Tyagi and an advocate. Police and STF got the lead from these numbers. Srikanth was arrested from Meerut at around 6 am today. Soon after the arrest, Srikanth was brought to the Paratapur police station in Meerut. From here, the Noida Police has taken him with him.

Meerut was to arrive at Mahapanchayat. Plan was to be held today in support of Srikanth Tyagi at Tyagi Hostel of Western Kachhari Road in Vesharth. This mahapanchayat was to be held from 12 noon. According to sources, Srikanth had a plan to change the disguise to this mahapanchayat. Srikanth Tyagi had to put his side in front of everyone about the action that the police and the government is taking on him. It is believed that after reaching this mahapanchayat, Srikanth had a plan to arrest or surrender, but the police arrested him earlier.

Now let us teach you how the serial incidents happened ...

5 August: Srikanth Tyagi abused a woman in Noida's Grand Omex Housing Society. Its video went viral. Police registered a case.

6 August: Police seized 3 vehicles of Srikanth. A second case was filed against Srikanth after the Fortuner was written 'UP rule'.

7 August: Srikanth's fellow Grand Omex Society was entered. Residents were accused of assault. Six accused were caught. 6 policemen including SHO were suspended on negligence in security.

August 8: Noida Police declared a reward of Rs 25,000 on Srikanth. More than 10 police teams were set up for arrest. Srikanth's 6 boys caught in the fight were sent to jail.

August 8: Srikanth entered the surrender application in Noida court via Advocate. The court imposed the date of hearing on 10 August.

9 August: Noida police arrested Srikanth from Meerut. There are reports of 3 more youths being caught with him.

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