Square CEO Jack Dorsey says the company is considering a new hardware bitcoin wallet

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey addresses students during a municipality hallway astatine the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) successful New Delhi, India, November 12, 2018.

Anushree Fadnavis | Reuters

Square CEO Jack Dorsey said connected Friday the institution is looking into gathering a hardware bitcoin wallet that would springiness consumers greater power implicit the cryptocurrency they own.

Shares of Square roseate astir 2.7% connected Dorsey's comments, published connected his Twitter feed.

Bitcoin transactions person go a booming business for Square, which allows consumers to marque purchases utilizing the Cash App and store the currency digitally. Bitcoin gross astatine the institution climbed to $4.75 cardinal past twelvemonth from $516.5 cardinal successful 2019.

Dorsey is proposing a caller mode for users to store their bitcoin truthful that it's not controlled by Square oregon immoderate different company. A bitcoin wallet could let users to store the cryptocurrency successful a unafraid gadget and fto them take to walk it later.

"Square is considering making a hardware wallet for bitcoin," Dorsey said. "If we bash it, we would physique it wholly successful the open, from bundle to hardware design, and successful collaboration with the community."'

He explained however Square's product, if built, mightiness disagree from disposable alternatives that already exist.

"The speech you utilized to bargain your bitcoin astir apt attends to your information with bully intent, but circumstances whitethorn uncover 'custody' really means 'IOU.' Deciding to instrumentality custody, and security, of your bitcoin is complicated."

Dorsey is referring to however immoderate exchanges presently work. PayPal, for example, lets you bargain bitcoin but it controls the "private key" and works, arsenic Dorsey explains, more similar an IOU. PayPal besides doesn't fto customers determination bitcoin to wallets extracurricular of the PayPal ecosystem.

Dorsey said Square mightiness beryllium capable to simplify however radical clasp bitcoin by creating "assisted self-custody," which helium said would marque it casual for customers to walk a definite percent of disposable funds from their phone, portion safely securing the remainder of the wealth successful the wallet. And Dorsey explained that integration with the Cash App, is "obvious" but "only portion of the solution."

Dorsey said the solution doesn't "need to beryllium owned by Square" and that he'll supply further thoughts "if we determine to build" the product.

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