Special news for two projects of Greater Noida: Multimodal Transport and Logistics Hub will join PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan


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Special news for two projects of Greater Noida: Multimodal Transport and Logistics Hub will join PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan
2:19 PM July 28, 2022

Two important projects of Greater Noida will be connected to the Multimodal Transport Hub and Multimodal Logistics Hub PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan. The master plan of these two projects built near Bodaki will be uploaded on the portal of speed power. This will make it easier to develop both projects with better coordination. Both these projects will be developed under DMIC-IITGNL. On the occasion of the launch of the Bhagti Shakti National Plan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the IITGNL's Integrated Township, Multimodal Logistics and Transport Hub in Greater Noida. He had said that this township is an attempt to provide facilities to the industries of the country, which are with plug and play infrastructure. Investors of the country and the world only have to install their system and start work. The ports and other parts of India are being connected to the township through a dedicated freight corridor. For this, a multimodal logistic hub will be built here. Next to this, a multimodal transport hub will be built, which will have the State of the Art Railway Terminal. State and interstate bus stand will also be built. This mass will be connected to the rapid transit system. Efforts to implement this announcement of the Prime Minister have intensified. Project Multimodal Transport Hub and Multimodal Logistics Hub, which gives distinct identity to public transport and industrial logistics, will be integrated soon with PM speed power. Railway line will be built from New Dadri to Logistics Hub. , Agricultural products can easily reach industrial products from every corner of the country, for this, about 5 km long dedicated railway line will be constructed from DFCC's New Dadri to Multimodal Logistics Hub. For this, the work of land acquisition is almost complete. The tender for construction will be issued as soon as the land is transferred in the name of IITGNL. It will take two years to prepare the railway line. It will cost more than Rs 800 crore. The internal part of the logistic hub will be developed on the PPP model. There will also be a facility of custom clearance. This will also speed up the works of import-export units. This project is very important given the needs of industries of Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Authority. It takes four to five days to go to the goods from here at places like Mumbai, Gujarat, Kolkata etc., after its start, the goods will be able to reach any corner of the country in one and a half days. The project will be ready in three years. With the formation of the transport hub, the expressport will be found from Bodaki, the train will be developed by the railway terminal, inter -state and local bus stand and metro connectivity near Bodaki under Bodaki under the transport hub. After the rail terminal is built, most of the trains going towards Eastern India will run from here. People around Gautam Budh Nagar and its surroundings will not have to go to Delhi to catch express trains. Efforts are being made to make these three facilities of transport (railway station, bus station and metro station) more accessible for passengers. 1.10 lakh youth will get Employment Malti Model Transport, Logistics Hub and IITGNL's integrated townships to 1.10 lakh youths directly There will be employment opportunities. If you add indirect employment, then this employment figure will increase further. Out of this, one lakh jobs will be found from transport and logistic hub and more than 10 thousand employment will be found in industries in integrated townships. Let us know that the Integrated Industrial Township settled in the area of ​​about 750 acres is one of the smartest townships in the country. This township, based on plug and play infrastructure, can start work by putting an entrepreneurial unit. Six big companies are setting up their plant in this township. These include Higher Electronics, Armori Mobile, Satkriti Infotainment, Chenfeng (LED Company), J. World Electronics and Gru Amardas International. These companies are investing more than Rs 4000 crore and will provide employment to more than 10,000 youths. The CEO of Greater Noida Authority said that multimodal transport hubs and logistics hubs are two such projects, which are not only fulfilled by Gautam Buddha Nagar , Rather, there will be a change in the economic and transport structure of western Uttar Pradesh. Youth will get employment. Entrepreneurs' products will be able to reach the destination from time to time. Agricultural produce will also reach every corner of the country in a very short time. Efforts are being made to start both these projects soon by getting land from farmers. Connecting with speed power will help to complete these projects faster. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.

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