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SP MLA Azam Khan's big relief from SC: Order to seal the sealed part of Johar University, UP government's appeal rejected

SP MLA Azam Khan's big relief from SC: Order to seal the sealed part of Johar University, UP government's appeal rejected

July 22nd 2022, 11:27 am
Amitesh Kumar
SP MLA Azam Khan from Rampur is relieved from the Supreme Court on Friday. The SC has ordered the sealing part of Johar University to be sealing immediately. The High Court's Johar University's illegal encroached land was canceled. The court has also given regular bail to Azam Khan. Not only this, the Uttar Pradesh government's appeal to stop going to Rampur has also been rejected. SC said, "Nowadays the wrong pattern has gone that the High Court judges make non -necessary comments while giving bail and make non -necessary conditions for bail." The Supreme Court had imposed the High Court order on the order of the High Court. As the bail condition of Azam Khan, Rampur DM was instructed to take the land on the Johar University campus under the government. On this, Azam Khan filed a petition in the Supreme Court. On May 27, the Supreme Court stayed SP leader Azam Khan on the condition of attaching the land adjacent to his university for bail. Answer was sought from the UP government for not removing the case. Even after the removal of fencing from Johar University land, the university is not able to function properly. ”The Supreme Court exempted Azam Khan to file a contempt case against the UP government. The Supreme Court had sought an answer from the UP government. The court asked whether his order was followed or not. The next hearing of the case was asked to be done today i.e. on 22 July. On this, the Supreme Court has ruled today. The SC Bench said- A new trend has come out, a bench of AM Khanwilkar said that a new trend has come out, where we are receiving such orders again and again. Such bail conditions are imposed by the courts, which have nothing to do with the fact of the case. In this order too, the High Court has mentioned a case which is completely unrelated to bail prayer. Today said- Azam Khan had reached the court in Rampur court before the king's heart, where he read the Namaz. During this, Azam interacted with the media. On the controversy over Namaz in public places in the state, Azam Khan said, "Namaz is not banned anywhere. Where to offer Namaz, it depends on how big or how small the king's heart is. © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the dnpa code of ethics.