Southeast Asia's start-up scene shows increased investment potential, says venture capital firm

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Southeast Asia's start-up country is presenting accrued concern imaginable arsenic the pandemic has shifted dynamics for the long-term, 1 of the region's starring task superior firms said.

Despite its "devastating" impact, the downturn has provided "a batch of opportunity" for caller start-ups successful the region, Roderick Purwana, managing spouse astatine Indonesia-based East Ventures, told CNBC Monday, noting that helium has seen galore caller businesses formed during this period.

In particular, caller businesses related to integer adoption, including acquisition technology, wellness exertion and fiscal technology, person been a existent occurrence story, helium said.

With immoderate crisis, it brings besides opportunity. We've seen that not conscionable successful this portion of the world.

Roderick Purwana

managing partner, East Ventures

"With immoderate crisis, it brings besides opportunity. We've seen that not conscionable successful this portion of the world," Purwana told "Street Signs Asia."

"We've seen immoderate of the largest oregon astir palmy start-ups oregon tech companies are founded during this time," helium said citing erstwhile historical downturns specified arsenic the dot-com bust and 2008 Financial Crisis. "I deliberation this 1 (will be) nary different."

Purwana's comments travel arsenic Southeast Asia's start-ups person been gaining crushed connected the planetary stage.

On Monday, Indonesian ride-hailing elephantine Gojek announced that it had merged with e-commerce subordinate Tokopedia to signifier GoTo Group. The woody is seen arsenic a preemptive determination arsenic the institution prepares to spell nationalist astatine an estimated valuation of $35 cardinal to $40 billion.

Ahead of the announcement, Purwana said that valuations person go "a small spot frothy" owed to caller hype astir the region. Still, helium said they stay "reasonable" overall, adding that it is "definitely a positive" to spot homegrown names present entering the nationalist markets.

That includes nationalist listings via peculiar intent acquisition companies (SPAC), which person grown successful popularity crossed the portion arsenic crossed the globe. Last month, chap determination ride-hailing elephantine Grab announced it would spell nationalist connected the Nasdaq successful a nearly $40 cardinal SPAC merger.

"We're seeing SPACs arsenic an accidental for immoderate of these tech companies to pat the U.S. nationalist markets," helium said. "There volition astir apt beryllium immoderate correction connected the noise. But successful the agelong run, I deliberation it's determination to stay."