Sonu Sood appointed brand ambassador for Punjab's anti-COVID vaccination programme

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Chandigarh: Actor Sonu Sood has been made the marque ambassador for Punjab's anti-coronavirus vaccination programme.

During the coronavirus-induced lockdown past year, the histrion had helped migrants scope their location states.

Sood catapulted to the nationalist spotlight for feeding thousands of underprivileged radical amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He was viewed arsenic a messiah of sorts for migrants.

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh connected Sunday (April 11) made the announcement, a time aft his gathering with the histrion who called connected him astatine his residence.

"Happy to stock that histrion & philanthropist @SonuSood volition beryllium the Brand Ambassador of our #Covid19 vaccination drive. I convey him for supporting our run to scope retired to, and protect, each Punjabi, and entreaty to each to get vaccinated astatine the earliest," the main curate tweeted.

Singh said determination is nary 1 much ideally suited to animate and power radical to instrumentality the vaccine.

"There is simply a batch of hesitancy among radical present successful Punjab. Sonu's popularity among them, and his exemplary relation successful helping tens of thousands of migrants scope safely location since the pandemic broke retired past year, volition assistance antagonistic their reservations," helium said successful an authoritative connection here.

"When radical perceive this 'Punjab da puttar' speech astir the benefits of the vaccine, and however harmless and indispensable it is, they volition judge him. Because they spot him,? helium added.

Sood said helium was blessed and honoured to beryllium appointed the marque ambassador for the vaccination programme.

"I consciousness blessed to beryllium playing immoderate portion successful this immense run of the Punjab authorities to support the lives of the radical of my location state," helium added.

On the occasion, the histrion presented to the main curate his publication 'I americium nary Messiah', which helium says captures his experiences of his travel from Moga to Mumbai.

"I genuinely judge I americium nary saviour. I americium conscionable a quality being playing my ain tiny portion successful the large plans of God. If I can, successful the process, interaction immoderate lives successful immoderate manner, I tin lone accidental ? God has blessed me, helium is guiding maine to fulfil my duty," Sood said successful different statement.