Some Google Pixel 5 users can’t stream Netflix because of THIS issue

1 month ago 19

Some users of Pixel 5 person precocious reported seemingly experiencing a bug with Google's Widevine DRM platform, which is causing their phones to lone play backmost Netflix videos successful modular definition, alternatively of the accustomed HD and HDR10 prime that they should be.

According to The Verge, Google is alert of the contented and is moving connected a firmware fix, but it inactive has to trial and verify truthful it's not wide erstwhile it volition beryllium released.
Though the contented does not look to beryllium wide but is causing afflicted Pixel 5 devices to beryllium downgraded to Widevine`s L3 status, alternatively of the accustomed Widevine L1, which is what authenticates to let for HD and HDR playback for Netflix, among different things.

The contented appears to person been exacerbated by the caller April information update for the phone, though it's not wide if the 2 are really linked. Widevine is simply a Google DRM service, which is utilized by a assortment of premium streaming companies, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Google Play Movies. 

The contented is secured utilizing a three-level system.L1 is the astir unafraid and ensures that each contented processing and cryptography is handled wrong a trusted execution situation connected the device`s processor.

L2 devices lone execute cryptography operations wrong that unafraid environment, portion L3 devices don`t bash immoderate contented processing oregon cryptography operations successful a unafraid country of the chipset.
Generally, successful bid to guarantee that streamed contented doesn't get stolen, companies mandate that higher-quality HD, HDR, and 4K versions of movies and shows beryllium constricted to the much unafraid L1 devices.

As per The Verge, Google's Pixel phones should beryllium L1-rated devices, but the aforementioned contented seems to beryllium causing them to registry arsenic L3 hardware instead.